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2015 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: T.J. Clemmings, OT, Pittsburgh

No one has enjoyed a bigger rise than T.J. Clemmings. Is he deserving?

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There's a lot of offensive linemen to go through in this draft, as it's a pretty strong class. The right tackle out of Pittsburgh, T.J. Clemmings, has probably enjoyed the biggest rise out of anybody in this class. A virtual unknown at the beginning of the year, his movement ability and skill set have put him firmly in the first round conversation. Is he really deserving of that, though? And even if he is, can he play for the Giants?


- Looks like a true left tackle at 6-foot-4½,  309 pounds.

- Has great lateral agility

- Natural knee bender.

- Wide base allows him to anchor against power rushers most of the time.

- If he can get his hands on you, he's got the advantage

- Elite getting to the second level and popping off blocks


- He's still a bit light for my liking, and while he's anchoring well now, I'm not sure at the next level.

- Not a very good drive blocker. Can seal off defenders, though.

- He still gets fooled more than I like by blitzes.

- Misses his initial punch at times and that allows defenders to sneak past him if they get a good jump.

- Technique is iffy. Great athleticism, but trips over his own feet too much.

Does He Fit With The Giants?

It really depends on what you think of Will Beatty. In fact, he actually reminds me of Will Beatty. Clemmings played right tackle in college, but in a really odd reversal, he seems much more suited for the left side. Can he play right tackle? Yeah, absolutely, but I think his fluidity and lateral agility makes him a really good LT prospect. He's an impressive run blocker, but he doesn't drive people off the ball consistently, he instead seals perfectly and he gets to the second level well.

Prospect Video

Big Board Rankings

Big Blue View - 20

Mocking The Draft - 24

CBS Sports - 17

Draft Tek - 21

Final Thoughts

The meteoric rise is justified. The upside that Clemmings presents could land him in the first round. Do I take him for the Giants at ninth overall? I'm not sure. He's more of a finesse player and seems like a sculpted Will Beatty (the good Will Beatty, by the way). That makes me good with putting him on the right side, but he could be in play for the future for us at left tackle.

A lot of people see him as a Tyron Smith clone. I don't necessarily see it. He's got the same lean, jacked up frame, and the same excellent mirroring skills. I see a bit more brutality in Smith's game, however, and I feel like Smith leans more into his blocks than Clemmings does. Also, Smith was an absolute freak with a 7.47 3 cone time (Clemmings has a 7.68 which is still very good) and with over 36-inch arms (Clemmings has 351/8-inch arms, still ridiculously good). That being said, Clemmings is still learning the position and he's close to a top 15 talent.