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New York Giants Potential Free-Agent Targets: Jacoby Jones, Ted Ginn

Let's look at a pair of available kick returner/wide receiver types the Giants have expressed interest in in the past.

Jacoby Jones
Jacoby Jones
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens released kick returner/wide receiver Jacoby Jones on Wednesday, and New York Giants fans are all a-Twitter wondering if/hoping that the Giants will sign him. Same with fellow kick returner/wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr., released on Monday by the Arizona Cardinals.

As we continue our look at potential Giants free-agent targets I am lumping Jones, 31 next season, and Ginn, 30 next season, together because, for the Giants' purposes, they really are the same guy. Both are still among the best return men in the league, and can handle both kickoff and punt return duties. Both are backup wide receivers whose production on offense is fading, Jones with only nine catches in 2014 and Ginn with just 14. Both are players the Giants had interest in during their free-agent splurge a year ago, when they ended up adding Quintin Demps and Trindon Holliday in an effort to upgrade their return game.

Just because the Giants were interested in Jones and Ginn a year ago does not, however, mean they would be interested this time around.

Perhaps you are thinking either player could help the Giants by returning punts, thus protecting Odell Beckham Jr. from taking hits while doing that. Both are also experienced kickoff returners, Jones having averaged 30.8 yards on 32 kickoff returns in 2014.

Still, does either player offer the Giants more than Preston Parker, who caught 36 passes, averaged 24.2 yards per kickoff return and 6.6 yards per punt return last season?

Is either player worth the roster spot they might take away from Corey Washington? Or Marcus Harris, the promising youngster who spent last season on injured reserve? Would the Giants have room for a guy like this if they were to draft someone like Amari Cooper, the wide receiver from Alabama?

Your thoughts, Giants fans?