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Giants GM Jerry Reese Disputes Odell Beckham's 'Two Torn Hamstring' Claim

Reese says Giants doctors declared Beckham "healed up."

Odell Beckham
Odell Beckham
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants general manager Jerry Reese Saturday disputed postseason claims by Odell Beckham Jr. that the AP Offensive Rookie of the Year had suffered two torn hamstrings during his rookie season.

I don't know about that," said Reese. "I think he was trying to be a hero. I don't think you can run fast like that with two torn hamstrings."

Beckham, of course, missed most of OTAs and training camp, all of the preseason and the first four regular-season games because of the hamstring issues. Reese also disputed the notion put forward by Beckham that he was never healthy.

"According to our doctors, it was healed up," Reese said. "He may have gotten fatigued later in the season. But I don't think you can go out and run like that if you've got a couple torn hamstrings.

Reese did admit that initially the Giants "tried to put him in there a little bit too quick" when he was initially injured.

Reese also does not believe that Beckham played in the Pro Bowl with torn hamstrings, saying "I think our doctors would have caught that."

Reese said Beckham caught the Giants attention by displaying "arrogant hands" at the Combine last year.

"He was fast. And he caught the ball. he really caught the ball nice. We call it arrogant hands. He had that. That caught our attention. And he was really fast," Reese said.