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Jerry Reese Press Conference: Giants GM Gives Usual 'Best Player Available' Speech

Reese meets press at NFL Scouting Combine.

Jerry Reese
Jerry Reese
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants general manager Jerry Reese doesn't like to give away much information. In fact, from one year to the net you can pretty much write the GM's quotes in advance. Saturday's Reese press conference at the 2015 NFL Scouting Combine was no exception, but we can try to make some inferences from the things Reese did say.

The Giants won't shy away from taking a wide receiver in the first round simply because they took Odell Beckham Jr. at No. 12 a year ago.

"Best player available. Best player available. We'll take the best player on the board," Reese said.

That, of course, is Reese's standard line, recycled every time he is asked about draft priorities.

Reese did say the Giants want to protect themselves in the event Victor Cruz does not make a full recovery from his torn patellar tendon.

'Best player available. Best player available. We'll take the best player on the board.' -Jerry Reese

"When a guy had a big injury like Victor had, you can't put all your eggs in his basket. Our doctors said he looks good. I see him down in the training room working out with our trainers and doctors. He looks good. Until you get out there - his game is quickness - until you get out there and move around, you really never know how he's going to recover from that. We're hoping and praying that he's going to come back 100 percent and be the Victor Cruz that we know. But you can't put 100 percent in that basket," Reese said. "If Victor's back and Odell and Rueben, that's a pretty good core. And there's some other guys. Parker. There's some more names. Washington. But if there's a good receiver, guys, we'll draft him."

Reese was asked specifically about the offensive line and, again, didn't really say much.

"We're going to continue to build our offensive line just like we build every position," Reese said. "I think we still have some work to do there. And we'll continue to build our offensive line."

This is the first time during his tenure as general manager Reese has had a draft pick inside the top 10. What are his expectations?

"If you're picking in the Top 10, the Top 12, you should be getting better players. That's how the system's built. You should be getting better players," Reese said. "If you're picking last, the players are not the same quality as the first 10 or 12 players. So if you're picking high, you should get better players."