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Eli Manning, NFL Draft Trades, Perry Fewell Subjects Of Big Blue View Mailbag

Let's see what is on your mind this week.

Eli Manning
Eli Manning
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It might be the offseason for the NFL, but that doesn't mean talk about your favorite NFL team, at your favorite NFL destination, has to stop. Let's open up the Big Blue View Mailbag and see what questions you have this week about the New York Giants.

Incidentally, all of these came via e-mail. You can send your questions for future editions of the Mailbag.

2tone writes:

With perry 'fewer' going to the skins, how much of the defensive and offensive playbook has to be redone so the division rivals don't have a leg up on us? Can't just change the names of the plays ... Do the playbooks change from season to season anyways, or is this a big deal? Does it effect the offense as much as I think it will?? He's seen mcadoos offense practiced so knows everything about it right???

Ed says: Well, let's remember that the defensive playbook is changing completely because there is a new defensive coordinator. Steve Spagnuolo is not going to run Fewell's playbook. So, nothing to see there. Offensively, realize that coaches and players move from team-to-team all the time. Teams are always bringing in practice squad guys who have connections to whatever team they are playing that week.

The Giants might make some adjustments when they play Washington, maybe changing up some of the terminology at the line of scrimmage. They aren't re-writing the playbook, though. It's really not that big a deal, at least in my opinion. Teams study so much film, and players and coaches move around so much, offenses and defenses know exactly what it coming much of the time, anyway. It's a matter of which side executes better.

Nat Karol writes:

Todd McShay mocks number 7 to Shelton and 9 to Scherff. If the Giants could get the two of them it would be a HUGE improvement. I realize it is a pipe dream. But is there any possibility that Reese would try to put together a package of draft choices to acquire the number seven in addition to the nine? I do believe. that he feels pressured to make some strong acquisitions.

Ed says: How do you propose moving up the No. 7 pick without giving up the No. 9 pick? It's a nice dream, but the other teams around the league aren't going to give you something for nothing. Would Jerry Reese try to move up? Maybe. We don't know if there is a player the Giants will end up feeling that strongly about. In your scenario the Giants would need to trade with the Chicago Bears. Do you really think the Bears are going to trade all the way from No. 7 to out of the first round, or take a future first-round pick that could be much lower than No. 9? I certainly don't.

If you use the NFL trade value chart, the Giants would have to give up the No. 9 pick and either their third-round pick (No. 74) or fourth-round pick (No. 105) to move up two spots. That's a HUGE price to pay.

Daveid1966 writes:

What's the remaining shelf life for Eli and his right arm? If Mariota or Winston were to fall to #9, do the Giants:

1) select the QB and let him sit and learn, ala Aaron Rodgers

2) listen to offers from QB needy teams looking to switch draft slots in order to draft the QB


3) stay put at #9 and use the pick at another position altogether?

Do Winston's transgressions make him too toxic to consider?

Not sure if either of these QBs are ever going to be "franchise" QBs, but if Eli is due an extension and still has some shelf life, does the projected length of such an extension make picking a QB in the first round this year a viable consideration?

I would hate to see the Giants not prepare for a transition and end up like the post-Marino Dolphins or the post-Kelly Bills, for example.

Ed says: I honestly don't know what the 'remaining shelf life' on Eli Manning is, but I do feel strongly that his career is not yet near its expiration date. He just had an excellent 2014 season, statistically one of the best he has ever had.

When it comes to Marcus Mariota or Jameis Winston the last thing in the world the Giants can afford to do this year is select a quarterback at No. 9. The Giants are in a win-now situation with a head coach who still has not had his contract extended beyond this year and an owner whose patience is wearing thin after three straight playoff-less seasons. They absolutely have to draft someone in the first round they believe can help them right away, not a 'futures' quarterback who will sit and watch. Besides which, I'm not sold that either Mariota or Winston is the right guy to bank on for the future. Mariota because of the skill set and Winston because of the off-the-field stuff.

In the unlikely scenario that one of them is available at No. 9, you absolutely have to listen to offers. The St. Louis Rams draft No. 10, and my guess is they would jump at the chance to grab one of those guys. You might be able to create a bidding war between the Rams and the Cleveland Browns, who have the 12th and 19th picks in the first round and need a quarterback. Moving down to 10 or 12 and adding an extra third- or fourth-round pick would work.