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New York Giants 2015 Schedule: On paper, it doesn't look that tough

The 2014 winning percentage of the Giants' 2015 opponents is below .500.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

How difficult is the New York Giants' schedule in 2015? Based on the 2014 winning percentages of the teams they will face it really isn't bad -- the 20th most difficult schedule in the NFL.

Of course, with coaching changes, free agency, the 2015 NFL Draft and injuries to consider those 2014 winning percentages could be considered relatively meaningless. For the record, Giants' opponents in 2015 went 122-133-1 (.478) last season.

In terms of strength of schedule, on paper no NFC East team appears to have a clear advantage. The Redskins are tied with the Giants, the Philadelphia Eagles (121-1341-1, .475) are 23rd and the Dallas Cowboys (119-136-1, .467) are 24th.

The toughest schedule belongs to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The easiest, on paper, to the Atlanta Falcons.

Ultimately, what matters is what type of team the Giants put together and how well they play themselves. Not which teams are on their schedule. Still, this is interesting to look at.

Your thoughts, Giants fans?

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