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2015 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Tevin Coleman, RB, Indiana

Tevin Coleman out of Indiana is one of the many strong running backs in the 2015 class. Let's take a deeper look at him.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

We all know that the Giants running game needs a severe shot in the arm. The offensive line has a lot to do with it, but the running backs themselves could use some help. Enter Tevin Coleman, one of a large contingent of quality running backs in this year's class. He's got more speed than either Andre Williams or Rashad Jennings and could be the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to the Giants being a real threat on the ground. Let's take a closer look at him:


- Complete back; pass protection and pass catching among best in class

- Home run hitter with deceptive speed

- Strong build allows him to take a pounding and keep going after first hit.

- Tremendous vision and he sees the field well


- Sometimes gets too upright on runs, which makes him easy to tackle. Infrequent, but a concern.

- Not as shifty as you'd like him to be.

- Doesn't seem to have that final gear that allows him to pull away from defenders that speed backs do.

- Only "average" in between the tackles work.

Does He Fit With The Giants?

You bet he does. You read that part where he's a good pass protector? Somewhere, Tom Coughlin smiled. He reminds some of Demarco Murray, and indeed, it's a good fit for his playing style. It remains to be seen if he has Demarco's success, but the one-cut, plus level speed, strong balance, elite vision, and enough size to not go down on the first hit makeup of Coleman is reminiscent of the tremendous Dallas Cowboy. The Giants could certainly use him as a complement to both Jennings and Williams.

Prospect Video

Big Board Rankings

Big Blue View - 47

Mocking The Draft - 61

CBS Sports - 54

Draft Tek - 87

Final Thoughts

Coleman is a rising player and one that could find himself going in the second round. Do I think he's worth the pick when the Giants select at 40? No, but I do think that he'd be one of many strong choices for the third round. The Giants miss having someone with legitimate speed since David Wilson sadly left us. The overall speed/strength make up of Coleman will absolutely make some team happy.