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Analyst: Brett Jones 'a real long shot' to make it in NFL

Jones could be signing with the Giants at any time.

Brett Jones
Brett Jones
Calgary Stampeders media guide

[UPDATE 2/11/15, 2:32 p.m. ET: Jones has now reportedly signed his contract.]

Brett Jones, 2014 Canadian Football League Offensive Lineman of the Year, is reportedly taking his physical today with the New York Giants and will sign with them if everything check out, per a published report.

'Raptor' did a film study on Tuesday to look at at what the Giants are getting in the 6-foot-2, 318-pound 23-year-old.

Colin Lindsey, founder of Great Blue North Draft Report, called Jones a "very good CFL player with some upside." His scouting report goes like this:

"Has okay size but needs to get significantly stronger; smart, hard-working guy with decent feet; has pretty good lateral agility, does a nice job picking up blitzes and is effective enough blocking in space ... remains a real long shot and even if he were to make is probably not more than a depth guy."

Ian Hamilton of the Leader Post, who first reported the Jones to the Giants news, has covered Jones both as a collegiate player at the University of Regina and during his two seasons with the Calgary Stampeders. Via e-mail, Hamilton offered this description of Jones:

"He can play guard and centre, having played in both spots at both levels. He's considered by coaches at the U of R to be one of the best offensive linemen they've ever produced -- and they've had some good ones.

"He's from a small town south of Regina and wasn't even going to play university football -- he was going to concentrate on school - but was convinced to give it a try. Then he started as a freshman.

"He's studying engineering and was pondering medical school for a bit, so he's obviously a smart young man. He started at centre for Calgary as a rookie and was named the CFL's most outstanding rookie. Then, this season, he was named the league's most outstanding offensive lineman. Two years, two awards." was able to track down some Stampders coaches and players for opinions on Jones. Here are a couple of quotes from Nick Powell's informative piece:

"He has the mind of an offensive coordinator, he knows what's going on with the quarterback, the receivers, he knows formations, he knows coverages on defenses, he's like the quarterback of the offensive line, and I think that's what kind of separates him apart from some other players," said Billy Peach, an offensive lineman and former teammate of Jones on the Calgary Stampeders.

Here is Stampeders' offensive line coach Pat DelMonaco:

"You've gotta get past what he looks like when he walks in a room," DelMonaco said. "He's 6-2 and he doesn't have the longest of limbs, so he's not going to pass your eye test when he walks in the room. But if he's given an honest chance, his play will show that he's worth the opportunity."

All this aside, we won't really know anything until the Giants get to camp and we see Jones on the field against NFL-caliber competition. The Giants are certainly, however, leaving no stone un-turned in trying to upgrade the depth of their offensive line.