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NFC East Notebook: Chip Kelly, DeMarco Murray, Dez Bryant in the headlines

NFC East offseason update.

Dez Bryant
Dez Bryant
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Let's take a minute away from preparing for the 2015 free agency period and the upcoming NFL Draft to look around the NFC East and see what is going on with the New York Giants' division rivals.

Philadelphia Eagles

Coach Chip Kelly now has all the power in Philly, overseeing the personnel department as well as being responsible for the product on the field. That means that all the pressure for the ultimate success or failure of the Eagles rides squarely on Kelly's shoulders. Will that work out for the Eagles? No one is sure.

Philadelphia Daily News columnist Paul Domowitch reminds that good coaches are not always good talent evaluators:

Many people assume that a good coach also is a good judge of football flesh. But the two don't necessarily go hand in hand. They're two very different jobs, two very different talents. ...

For every coach/personnel czar success story like Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll, there have been many more instances where it's been an absolute disaster.'s Nick Kayal also recently wondered if Kelly will be up to the task:

Chip Kelly wanted this opportunity. He didn’t respect Howie Roseman. Well now, he has all the swag he could ask for. He also has a plethora of decisions to make. One slip along the way with any of these monumental decisions could very well keep the Eagles’ trophy case empty. ...There is a litany of issues to address this off-season for Kelly and the Eagles. Mariota, Foles, Maclin, McCoy and the secondary are all front-and-center. One misstep along the way, one botched draft pick, a swing and a miss on a free agent or a failed negotiation on a contract could send this thing spiraling out of control.

Chip, it's your show now. Show us the way to that trophy named after Vince Lombardi.

Bleeding Green Nation is wondering which 2012 Eagles draft picks are worthy of contract extensions.

The Morning Call believes the Eagles need to be aggressive in free agency because "too many holes exist on the roster for them to fill in the NFL Draft."

If the Eagles want to jump up in the draft to get Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota the Cleveland Browns could be a problem for them. The Morning Call writes that "Cleveland, which owns the 12th and 19th picks of this years NFL Draft, also is positioned much better than the Eagles at No. 20 to make a move to get him."

Dallas Cowboys

The big story in Dallas, of course, is the continuing discussion over whether the Cowboys can, or even should, try to find a way to re-sign both of their superstar free agents, Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray.

The Dallas Star-Telegram says the team's priority has to be Bryant, believing that Murray is going to leave anyway.

In a debate amongst ESPN analysts about this topic, the possibility of the Cowboys letting Murray go and replacing him with Adrian Peterson was raised. While it doesn't seem likely, Herm Edwards went all in on the idea:

"That one ain't even close for me. Peterson is a tone-setter. You get him back there with that line, with a wide receiver in Dez Bryant, a quarterback in Tony Romo, and a tight end in Jason Witten? That's a bad sight for the rest of the league."

As for Murray himself, he seems non-committal on what he would like to do:

"It’s not about the yards for me," Murray before a dinner Tuesday at Boardwalk Ferrari, sponsored by Hublot watches. "It’s about winning a Super Bowl. If this place gives me the best chance I’m going to stay here. Winning a Super Bowl means more than anything."

Long-time NFL defensive guru Monte KIffin, architect of the Tampa 2, won't return to the Cowboys' coaching staff in 2015.

The Dallas News wonders if Terrell Owens belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

FiveThirtyEight says Dallas quarterback Tony Romo is 'Gunslinger of the Year.'

Blogging The Boys looks at an offseason plan for the Dallas offense.

Washington Redskins

Truthfully, not much to talk about with the Redskins. There was Robert Griffin III trading jabs with a fan via social media, but that's about it. You can keep up with the Redskins at SB Nation's Hogs Haven.