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2016 NFL Mock Draft: DE Emmanuel Ogbah to New York Giants with 12th pick

Here we go.

Could the Giants use a gul like DE Emmanuel Ogbah who can do this?
Could the Giants use a gul like DE Emmanuel Ogbah who can do this?
David Purdy/Getty Images

Let's be realistic here. Obsessing over the choices made in a mock draft held in December, before the current season is over and five months before the 2016 NFL Draft is actually held, is a bit nuts. So, it is with some trepidation that I venture into a discussion of the choices made for the New York Giants by Matt Miller in a recent three-round 2016 NFL Mock Draft.

Miller gives the Giants Oklahoma State defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah with the 12th pick of the first round, rightly calling defensive end "a major question mark." He also writes:

Ogbah makes sense for the Giants in Round 1, and he's a Steve Spagnuolo type of player with outside speed and good power to counter offensive tackles. Ogbah can play immediately, too, making him an impact pick in the middle of the first roundâ -- something the Giants will need if JPP leaves.

In all honesty, defensive end makes perfect sense. The Giants have what might end up being statistically the worst pass rush in franchise history -- a sad, embarrassing reality for a franchise whose defensive reputation is built on terrorizing quarterbacks. JPP, even if he stays, isn't the same guy. He is playing basically one-handed and, while he creates pressure, doesn't seem able to make the plays he once could.

Miller's assertion that he took Ogbah because he is a "Steve Spagnuolo type of player" is one of the reason why mocks now are silly. If Tom Coughlin isn't the coach, Spagnuolo might also be out of a job.

Miller gave the Giants UCLA running back Paul Perkins in Round 2 and Notre Dame defensive tackle Sheldon Day in Round 3. No big analysis of either player, I will just say this. I have no issue with a running back there, or with double-dipping on the defensive line early in the draft.

Those opinions, of course, without knowing what happens the rest of the season or in free agency.

Your thoughts on this very early mock, Giants fans?