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NFC East: The division no one wants to win

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Let's look at what is being written and said about the other teams in the division

Doesn't anyone in the NFC East want a shot at these?
Doesn't anyone in the NFC East want a shot at these?
Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

The NFC East title is a hot potato right now. All four teams -- the New York Giants, Washington Redskins, Philadelphia Eagles and even the 4-8 Dallas Cowboys -- seem to be able to touch it. None, however, seems to want to grab it.

The latest odds from Bovada reflect this weirdness, with the Giants a slim favorite at the very strange number of 21/10. The Eagles are a 9/4 choice, with the Redskins and Cowboys at 3/1.

Perish the thought, but the Washington Post has come up with a scenario in which every team in the division finishes 6-10. Somehow, Dallas would be declared the "winner" if that nightmare scenario were to play out. Yikes!! NO matter who wins, the view from the top will be beautiful.

There was also this gem today from Michael Irvin:

Let's look around the NFC East and see what the view looks like from the camps of the other three NFC East teams.

Philadelphia Eagles (5-7)

The Eagles face the Buffalo Bills in Philly this weekend, which means running back LeSean McCoy will return to the City of Brotherly Love for the first time since he scorched most of the earth between Philly and Buffalo with some venomous words after Chip Kelly traded him away. That should be fun.

McCoy has already made it clear there isn't going to be any sort of on-field reconciliation between himself and Kelly.

Over at Bleeding Green Nation, they are wondering what kind of reception McCoy will receive from the Philly faithful.

The Eagles are also in damage-control mode after reports that McCoy's replacement, DeMarco Murray, went to ownership to complain about the way Kelly is -- or is not -- using him.

BGN is also pointing to metrics that show the Eagles with the best chance of the four teams to win the division.

Washington Redskins (5-7)

Over at Hogs Haven, writers there are trying to talk fans off the ledge after Monday's loss to Dallas.

Where have we heard this before? The Redskins are bemoaning missed opportunities.

The Washington Post still thinks the Redskins are the division's best team.

Dallas Cowboys (4-8)

Some folks around here want to say that losing games and securing a higher draft pick is more important that winning games. The folks at Blogging the Boys disagree, making their case after the Cowboys defeated Washington Monday night.

Dez Bryant wants to help Roger Goodell figure out what is and is not a catch.

Could Johnny Manziel still end up with the Cowboys?