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NFL power rankings 2015, Week 14: New York Giants No. 19 in rankings roundup

Power rankings? The Giants look less powerful by the week.

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The New York Giants are falling. Three straight losses have dramatically decreased their chance of winning the NFC East title, with Team Rankings now giving them just a 22.8 percent chance of doing so. The streak has also seen the Giants drop precipitously in the weekly NFL power ranking. Our aggregated rankings this week find the Giants at No. 19, down two spots from a week ago. Chris had the Giants at No. 21 in the Big Blue View power rankings.

We compile these, by the way, by taking 10 respected rankings from around the Internet, totaling the score and dividing by 10. This week's 10 rankings total 185 points. Round that off, and we have the Giants at No. 19.

Now, of course, the question is can the Giants get up? Can they dust themselves, pull themselves together and somehow find a way to win the NFC East?

Here is a look at this week's various rankings, which show a high of No. 15 from USA Today and a low of No. 22 from SB Nation.

NFC Playoff PictureBreaking down the NFC East

SB Nation -- No. 22 (LW: 18) -- No. 17 (LW: 16)

The Giants are cold, cold, cold. So was the outcome of that fourth-and-two play call in the fourth quarter, with the Giants up 10 at the Jets' 4-yard line. That decision might have changed the game. That decision might have changed their season. Nah, only going 6-10 would keep this team from the NFC East title. That's how stellar that division is.

Washington Post -- No. 19 (LW: 18)

The standings say the Giants are still in the thick of the NFC East race. But it sure feels like they've had their chance --€” so many chances, in fact --€” to put away the division and instead have handed it away.

Yahoo Sports -- No. 18 (LW: 17)

USA Today -- No. 15 (LW: 13)

Pro Football Talk -- No. 20 (LW: 18)

ESPN -- No. 20 (LW: 18)

CBS Sports -- No. 18 (LW: 17)

FOX Sports -- No. 18 (LW: 16)

Sporting News -- No. 18 (LW: 15)