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Five things Eli Manning and Rueben Randle can do socially

We brainstorm some off-field activities for Eli Manning, Rueben Randle.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants wide receiver Rueben Randle was on the Boomer and Carton show Tuesday, and he let it slip that he and Eli Manning have never really done anything socially.

Considering the importance of the relationship between quarterback and receiver, it seems a bit surprising that guys who need to be on the same page don't hang out.

So why don't we see if we can come up with a few things Eli and Randle can do to improve their off-field relationship?

Go to the club

Everyone needs to blow off some steam once in a while, so why not go out to the club? Going clubbing is supposed to be fun, right? And with Victor Cruz out, Eli and Randle can't let Beckham continue to carry the load as the offense's only dancer.

Besides, these are two professional athletes who make millions of dollars (a good reason to go out in and of itself) in an offense predicated on timing and rhythm. After watching Eli tap dance in the pocket, he's got to have some moves, right?

...Okay, maybe not.

Well, we can come up with some more options.

Go bowling

Maybe Rueben should go for something a bit more in Eli's wheelhouse. Something like bowling might be more Eli's speed. Bowling can be an individual or team game, you don't need a tremendous amount of natural athleticism, and nobody really cares if you look painfully awkward. And if all else fails, most bowling alley's have bars.

Play some hoops

While we're at it, why don't we see if we can get some other teammates in on the fun? The Giants could use some chemistry and team-building throughout the offense. Maybe a pickup game of basketball?

Well, I suppose with Cruz injured they'd have to find a new fourth ... Given the state of the roster, that might be easier said than done. Maybe Dwayne Harris would want to play?

Practical joke

Eli Manning is well known as a practical joker. What possible mischief could the unflappably quiet and reserved Manning and the apparently incredibly laid back Randle cause?

Well, mayhaps it would look something like this:

Star in a rap video

We've already established via DirecTV commercials that Eli Manning has a definite future as a Grammy winning recording artist. Wouldn't it be nice to let Randle in on the act?