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Fantasy Football: Week 14 waiver wire pickups

Is there still help available on the Fantasy Football waiver wire? You bet there is!

Dorial Green-Beckham
Dorial Green-Beckham
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

If you're reading this post, chances are congratulations are in order; you made the playoffs!!  OK that's enough warm and fuzzy; it's time to get serious.  All trade deadlines have come and gone, and the only way to prepare your roster for playoff domination is through the waiver wire.  Luckily, for us that have rosters good enough to be in the playoffs, no stud NFL players were injured this week.  That also means that there aren't slam dunk waiver wire adds this week, a la Thomas Rawls or DeAngelo Williams.  I will get to my few waiver priority adds this week, but I'd like to share a few playoff roster management tips for playoff-bound teams:

--  If you're good/lucky enough to have a bye week coming up, take advantage. The rest of your league mates are only focused on week 14, which gives you the luxury of adding players/DST's that have good matchups week 15.

--  Play DEFENSE.  If you have a big bench with some disposable players, use those spots to add players that could potentially help one of your playoff opponents.  If your opponent is hurting at a specific position, load up on that position in hopes of blocking them.  This is not shady or sleazy, it's smart.

--  Speaking of defense, go get some!! I'm a big believer in streaming defenses, and definitely against wasting a bench spot on a second defense.  But that changes in the playoffs.  If I have the luxury, I may have 2-3 DST's on my roster, in preparation for good matchups over the course of a three week playoff run.

Alrighty then. Enough waxing poetic on my strategies which may or may not work. On to waiver adds!

Dorial Green-Beckham, WR, TEN

DGB is a physical freak, even by NFL standards. He's had a disappointing rookie season, mainly because he's been under the "tutelage" of the Titans coaching staff.  It's now clear that he has the trust of his coaches, and most importantly, his QB. Mariota improves every week, and my hunch is that DGB will continue to do the same.

James White, RB, NE

As an aside, how awful was it to watch the Beagles beat the Patriots in Boston and NOT be able to celebrate it?!?!  A truly terrible Sunday for Giants fans.  White is nowhere near as dynamic as Dion Lewis is, but the name of the game in fantasy football is opportunity.  With injuries to Lewis and Gronk, the Patriots will use the next-man-up mentality, and White is in a primed spot for the short/intermediate passing game that Brady relies on so heavily this time of year.

Kansas City Chiefs DST

The Chiefs defense has been on a tear, and they have the best three game week 14-16 schedule that you could hope for if you're a streamer.  Chargers, then Ravens, then Browns. YES PLEASE.