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Coughlin: Giants will win "when we deserve to win"

Coughlin once again left to discuss missed opportunities.

The New York Giants are 5-7 and have lost three straight games. When will they win another game?

"We'll win when we deserve to win," said coach Tom Coughlin on Monday, offering a pretty blunt assessment of his team's recent performances.

"We're all sick of losing. Let's face it, we're all sick of that. We've had too many very, very close games that went the other way at the end of the game for whatever reason. It's not any one individual, it's not any one group, everyone contributes."

For 51 minutes on Sunday it looked like the Giants weren't going to lose. Then, of course, everything fell apart. As it has done late is several games this season.

"It's a four-quarter game first of all and that's exactly what I told our team, and it goes for our offense, too. You know, 20 points in the first half none in the second half, what games are you going to win like that? What games are to going to win scoring 13 or 10 points, whatever that might be? It's a four-quarter game. You've gotta play that way the entire ballgame. You can't get to a situation where you stop making plays or don't make plays that are there," Coughlin said. "Let's face it, we shoulda had two interceptions, we shoulda had at least two interceptions, maybe another one. ... There were a couple of catches that were easy catches and we didn't make ‘em.

"There's all kinds of those things in a game. For 60 minutes you've gotta play, and you've gotta have poise. Sometimes I didn't think we were as poised as we should have been. The bottom line is when the game is on the line people have to step up and make plays and we didn't do that."

As he often does, Coughlin pointed out that every play is the one that can make a difference in a game.

"You've got to make plays when the plays are there," Coughlin said. "One or two plays. ... Every play is so critical in the game. Every play. It could be one or two plays in a ballgame. I used to say five, but really this year it could be one. One play makes a differnece in the ball game, and it's gotta be the one that you make."