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Giants news, 12/7: Tom Coughlin under fire after latest Giants' meltdown

New York Giants news headlines for 12/7.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning New York Giants fans! It's another rough week but here are your updates for this Monday morning.

Will Tom Coughlin survive another year?

It was supposed to be prophetic. The Giants would place Tom Coughlin on the hot seat the year they play against the AFC East as they make a tear in the playoffs to beat the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. However, with a loss against the New York Jets, the playoff dream is quickly fading after being in such great position just a couple weeks ago. Now, the media is beginning to make their cases for firing Tom Coughlin.

Tom Coughlin just gave Giants the perfect case to fire him | NY Post

If the Tom Coughlin Era comes to an end at the end of this horrific season, the powers-that-be have every right to conclude the beginning of the end came at the 4-yard line of the New York Jets Sunday in the fourth quarter when Coughlin decided to go for the kill shot and hurled logic and common sense into the upper deck.

Coughlin all but handed the Giants braintrust his head on a silver — or Big Blue platter — if they decide after a fourth straight season out of the playoffs that it is Tom to Go for him.

Tom Coughlin making it easy for Giants to decide head coach's future | NY Daily News

Tom Coughlin is making it too easy for John Mara and Steve Tisch to fire him, write him a check for the $7 million to cover the last year of his contract and mail him a save-the-date card for his 2016 induction into the Giants’ Ring of Honor.

Mara and Tisch love Coughlin, maybe the most honorable man in sports, and it will be an emotional decision if they fire/retire him after the season if Coughlin becomes the first Giants coach since Alex Webster to miss the playoffs four years in a row.

Emotion is one thing, but this is a cut-throat brutal business.

Coughlin’s decision Sunday to go for it on fourth-and-2 from the Jets’ 4-yard line with the Giants already holding a 10-point lead with just under nine minutes remaining blew up on him and could eventually cost him his job. Coughlin has four games left to get the Giants into the playoffs.

Giants fans call for Tom Coughlin to be fired after loss to Jets |

The head coach's decision to go for it and not kick a field goal early in the fourth quarter with fourth-and-two from the Jets' 4-yard line turned out to be the wrong one as the Jets came back from a 10-point deficit.

As soon as Josh Brown missed what would have been a game-tying kick in overtime, fans and pundits started calling for Coughlin to be fired.

Recapping the Jets loss

Coughlin's fourth-down decision isn't the only thing of note in the game against the Jets. There's plenty of blame to go around.

Giants’ epic collapse gifts Jets OT win in thrilling showdown | NY Post

This is the fourth time this season the Giants blew a double-digit lead in the second half.

"We shouldn’t have had to put him in that position," Giants offensive lineman Justin Pugh said. "We should have been able to score some points in the second half. We’ve got to do a better job of that. We’ve got to get back and thank God our division is in the position it’s in because [if] Dallas beats the Redskins [Monday], we’re still tied for first place. So I’ll be cheering for Dallas hard [Monday]. That’s for damn sure."

At 5-7, the Giants are tied with the Eagles, who they already lost to once, and waiting to see what the 5-6 Redskins do against the Cowboys. This loss does not dash their playoff hopes, but it certainly damages them.

Instant Analysis: Giants defense gives it away to Jets | NY Daily News

The Giants are not only the worst football team in New York - a title earned courtesy of their 23-20 loss to the Jets on Sunday - but they might just have the worst defense that the New York area has ever seen. They were up 20-10 at halftime and then barely provided a speed bump in the fourth quarter and overtime as the Jets' methodically ran over them. Their offense isn't exactly a prize, either. They had a few opportunities to put this game away (including one taken away from them by a curious decision by Tom Coughlin). They are now 5-7 and it doesn't even matter that they could still be in first place at the end of the weekend. They don't deserve the playoff berth that they're still fighting for with four games to go.

How cruel it’s Jets who shovel dirt on Giants’ season | NY Post

And the Giants’ season may have taken an inexorable turn south because of it, and because of the three other games this year the Giants have had seemingly in hand only to hand them away.

"That’s the difference between being what we are [5-7] and 10-2 or 9-3," Beckham said.

"We keep inventing ways to lose," defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins said.

"I’m [ticked] off," Jason-Pierre Paul added.

Biggest Takeaways from New York Giants' Week 13 Loss | Bleacher Report

The last time the Giants had a seventh-round draft pick who showed he could be relevant was in 2007. It was some guy by the name of Ahmad Bradshaw.

Well, it took eight years, but it looks like the Giants might have found themselves another seventh-round gem in offensive lineman Bobby Hart, who this week got the start at right tackle in place of Marshall Newhouse (inactive/back), and who turned in a pretty impressive game for a rookie.