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Jets 23, Giants 20 (OT): Post-game quotebook

See how the players responded to another blown lead in their loss against the New York Jets.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Another week and it's another blown lead by the New York Giants. Even though, it's nto exactly shocking enws for the 2015 Giants, the sadness and disappointment can never be easy tot ake in. Here's hwo the players reacted to another loss..

Jason Pierre-Paul: "I'm just pissed off"

Jason Pierre-Paul has seen it all with the Giants. He's been there for a Super Bowl win and now he's been here through another low point of the Giants in which they seem to blow every lead they've had. JPP isn't taking these losses lightly.

"I don’t even remember the final drive. I’m just pissed off," Pierre-Paul said. "I don’t know what to say. We just need to go look at film and see where we made our mistakes. We played well -- we just didn’t finish the game."

When asked on why the defense seems to give out these fourth quarter leads, JPP simply has no answers.

"I don’t know. We have to look at the film. We played a good game, everyone played well. Me personally, as long as everyone is giving 110 percent, I’m fine with it. I gave 110 percent today and I walked off that field knowing that I did my job," Pierre-Paul said.

Odell Beckham: "Losing sucks"

These tough losses are starting to affect the team it appears as their frustration is clearly visible. Beckham especially is not taking this well.

"It’s tough," Beckham said. "Losing sucks. Not finishing sucks, but that was the case today and all we can do is move forward.

He goes on to add that the Giants have to learn form these mistakes that cost them multiple games this year.

"It’s unfortunate," Beckham said. "These are the games we’ve been in all year and it’s the reason we’re 5-7. It’s the difference between being 10-2, 9-3; it’s games like this. Like I said, you just keep moving forward and learn from it."

It seems that his frustration is starting to show on the field as late in the game, Beckham kicked the ball after failing to haul in a pass. Beckham defended his actions on his kick however.

"No. If I would’ve thrown it back, I really don’t see the difference," Beckham said. "If you kick the ball back, it’s not like I’m screaming F-bombs and kicking the ball back. You kick it back to the huddle and we go to the fourth and two play. I really don’t think it’s a penalty, but it’s not my job to make calls."

Cullen Jenkins defends the fourth-down decision

Tom Coughlin is already starting to get heat for a decision to go for it on fourth down in the red zone in which the Giants sacrificed points. Cullen Jenkins is not surprised at his coach's decision to go for it and agrees with it.

"No, I wasn’t surprised. He was showing faith in us and that’s what you want," Jenkins said. "As a player, you should want to have that opportunity to put the game away. You should want the coach to have faith in you to be able to go out there and get the job done. And coach showed faith in us and he gave us an opportunity and that’s got to be something we cash in on. We score a touchdown there and you’re up three possessions.

He goes on to try and explain this phenomenon of blowing these leads and losing these close games.

"You can’t have that many mistakes, you can’t have that many missed opportunities, you can’t have the same thing every week," Jenkins said. "We come in and we get in position, we make mistakes, missed assignments, missed opportunities, all of it. It’s just something that I don’t understand, it has to become more of a priority to us. It’s got to be something that we get solved, it can’t be something that we try to fix. It’s something that you either fix or you go on. We just aren’t fixing it. It’s frustrating."

Justin Pugh: "We score, the game is over"

Add Pugh to the list of supporters with the decision to try and score a touchdown on fourth down.

"We score, game’s over. We score, the game is over," Pugh said. "It’s a weird drive, all the penalties and things of that nature going on. But to get down, we’ve got to finish it with six and I had all the confidence that we were about to score on that play. I go out there and play, I don’t make the decisions."

Also add Pugh on the list of people who don't have answers for the the Giants can't close out games or why the Giants offense seems to stall when they are needed the most.

"It’s something that I don’t have the exact answer to. If I had the answer, we wouldn’t be sitting here asking the questions about it," Pugh said. "We’ve got to do a better job of finishing. Like I’ve said before, we’re going to learn from it, we’re going to learn from it. I can only say it so many times, you’ve got to go out there and execute. We’ve got to score in the green zone when we get down there. We’ve got to score and get points. It’s tough to put your defense in that position and I feel like we could have done more in that second half, for sure."