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New York Giants' Josh Brown knew he missed "the moment I hit it"

Josh Brown talks about his missed field goal against the New York Jets.

Josh Brown misses a field goal in overtime on Sunday
Josh Brown misses a field goal in overtime on Sunday
Michael Heiman/Getty Images

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Josh Brown said he knew "the moment I hit it," that his 48-yard field-goal attempt in overtime was going to miss. It did, fading just left of the upright. Brown's string of 29 straight field goals faded away with the miss, and the Giants' season faded a little closer to oblivion.

"Yeah, just a bad hit. I just have to keep my head down, look through the ball and there’s nothing else I can do about it," Brown said. "I have to keep striking the same ball. I had made everything; kicking well. I just have to hit that ball like I do every other one. I just didn’t get through it like I needed to. It trailed left and stayed just left of the upright."

You just knew it, even before the ball was kicked. While Brown had to miss eventually, there is something odd about this game as the officials wouldn't let Brown practice his kicks between the end of regulation and the beginning of overtimes, something he said is standard procedure. Brown said officials were"pretty adamant" that he could not do that Sunday. He dismissed it, however, as a reason for the miss.

"No, I was kicking into the net and I was always a little loose, like I always have been and always do, very prepared," Brown said. "It’s just a matter of staying with it and getting through the ball.

Brown said he thought the ball would have snuck inside the left upright if he had been just a couple of yards closer.

It's a shame that the only missed field goal this year for Brown was the biggest one for the season and as he hit it, he already knew. You just wonder if the season faded away with it.