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Will the Giants beat the Jets? The Big Blue View staff says ...

It's a split decision.

Can the Giants pick themselves up Sunday and get a victory?
Can the Giants pick themselves up Sunday and get a victory?
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The last time the New York Giants faced the New York Jets, back in 2011, it was a critical game they needed to win, which they did. Can they do it again Sunday? Here is what your Big Blue View staff writers think.

Alex Sinclair (10-1)

The streak is dead. I got a prediction wrong. I knew going into last week's picks that I didn't feel quite right, but didn't have the stones to pick Washington because I simply didn't believe that Kirk Cousins had it in him to beat this team. I forgot that they can beat themselves though. I should have known!

Fast forward to this week and I'm a bit more sure of myself. I'm taking the Giants over the Jets. Ryan Fitzpatrick had an awful day when quarterbacking the Texans against the Giants last year. I doubt it'll be as glum this time around, but I think this defense has just enough to trip him up, while the offense will take advantage of a Revis-less field to put up a lot of points. In a must win game against their in-stadium rival, I'm picking the Giants by two scores.

Final score: Giants 30, Jets 17

Chris Pflum (5-6)

I want to be hopeful. I want to be optimistic.

But I just can't be.

I have no clue what Giants team is going to run out of that tunnel, whether the team is going to play with urgency or if they are just going to phone it in.

They're getting a few doses of good news on the injury front, with it looking like both Pugh and Richburg may be able to play this week. It also looks as though the Jets will be without their two best corners. That double-shot of good news does give me a flicker of hope for the offense. Todd Bowles is going to blitz, as surely as night follows day, but blitzing Eli Manning is a bad idea and doing so with an injury depleted secondary is an even less good idea. If Eli can identify the blitzes and the line can give him a modicum of time, the Giants might just be able to mount an offense.

But the Giants will also be without (by far) their best linebacker in Devon Kennard. And for a defense that is already soft up the middle and has to stop one of the most physical runners in the league, that's a bad player to miss.

So I have hope.

But I can't pick the Giants after their performance last Sunday.

Final score: Jets 28, Giants 27

Mike Gallop (7-4)

There's not an unbiased bone in my body when it comes to the Giants and the Jets. I #BleedBlue through and through, and I'm PUMPED to be playing the punks in green this week in a crucial regular season showdown. Revis is already ruled out for Sunday, which is a monstrous swing in our favor, and makes me feel even better about a Gmen victory. We will not be able to run against the Jets defense, but 15+ targets to ODB against Cromartie should be more than enough to spark the Giants offense. I am concerned about stopping the Jets offense, as the triumvirate of Marshall/Ivory/Decker is the best collection of skill position players that the Jets have had in years. I anticipate a playoff atmosphere around this game, and would consider giving up one of my four children to be at MetLife at kickoff (just kidding kids). Ultimately, I think Eli has a big game, and we get the crucial W.

Final score: Giants 24, Jets 21

Jesse Bartolis (7-4)

(From Jesse's Week 13 picks against the spread)

The Giants have inspired zero confidence in me for this game, a game which I think they actually match up poorly with the Jets in. The Jets biggest problem is that they don't have a great quarterback, but they have depth at WR which gives the Giants problems, they have a tough running back who keeps churning out yards which gives the Giants problems and on defense they have a very good front seven and the Giants offensive line is ailing. Eli and OBJ have the ability to wreck anyone's game plans, but I think it's a bad match-up for the Giants and while I hope they pull it out it wouldn't totally surprise me if it wasn't super close.

Pick: Jets (No score provided)

Keane Macadaeg (6-5)

The Giants will be playing for Tom Coughlin's life for a third time in his career. They cannot afford to lose games in this "easy" part of the schedule in order to make the playoffs. The Giants admitted that somehow, they took that game against the Redskins for granted. Now, they have no room for error and have to take each minute seriously.

The Jets front is very formidable however that hasn't stopped teams from being able to score points on them. Their secondary is the main culprit and having Revis out only helps. The Giants offense can't afford to stall again for three quarters.

The Jets offense even with their QB play has been solid. Their receiving corp is at its best as its been in years and should have no problem scoring on the Giants. Though with a sense of urgency for the team, I believe the Giants defense will make enough stops for the offense to get its act together.

Final score: Giants 24, Jets 21

Stephen Milewski (8-3)

Both of these teams looked awful last week, so it really is tough to have confidence in either squad. Essentially, this is a must-win game for the Giants, but so was last week's, and the team came out flatter than a pancake. I'm not expecting a similar result, but last week's results weren't encouraging.

Without Darrelle Revis, Odell Beckham Jr. should have a field day against Antonio Cromartie, but can someone else step up? Rueben Randle? Will Tye? The entire offensive line, which is starting rookies at the bookends? The defense isn't looking good either, especially with stud linebacker Devon Kennard now downgraded to out.

The Jets are best when they run the ball North-South with bell cow back Chris Ivory and throw short-to-intermediate routes with Ryan Fitzpatrick under center. On defense, the Jets have arguably the best defensive line in the NFL that can certainly dial up the pressure. That plays exactly into the Giants' weaknesses, especially with all the injuries that have sapped some of the team's top players. I'd love to see the Giants win, but the Jets are also right in the middle of the Wild Card race and probably consider this a must win game too. Given the Giants' injuries and inability to finish when it matters most, I think the Jets find a way to pull this one out.

Final score: Jets 24, Giants 17

Valentine's View (7-4)

In my Q&A with Gang Green Nation earlier this week I predicted a Jets' victory. I feel a little better about the Giants than I did at the time of the Q&A, but I'm still picking the Jets. To be honest, I think it's a game that is there for the Giants to win. The Jets' secondary is in shambles. If the Giants get a decent performance from their offensive line they should put up points, and I don't know if the Jets can score with them. The Giants match up pretty well with Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker, and the Jets don't have a tight end to speak of. Still, these are the 2015 Giants and they have failed to do a lot of things they should have done this year. This is a HUGE spot for them. Can they recognize that and put forth a better effort than last week? Even if they can do that, can they actually win? I need to see the Giants actually come up big when it matters before I pick them to do it.

Final score: Jets 24, Giants 20

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