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Best Hail Mary passes in New York Giants' history

Remember these?

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Detroit Lions coach Jim Caldwell is still trying to explain how his team managed to botch defending the spectacular Hail Mary pass from Aaron Rodgers that allowed the Green Bay Packers to win on Thursday night.

Was the play before it a face mask penalty? Debate that all you want. Since the play is still generating a buzz, let's look at the best Hail Mary plays in New York Giants' history.

There was this one from the 2011 NFC Divisional Round:

Then, of course, there was this one:

Because we know you want to see it again, here is Rodgers' Hail Mary:

By the way, the throw very nearly hit the Ford Field ceiling. And it made Detroit's Calvin Johnson do this:

Anyway, enjoy the stroll down memory lane at a couple o Hail Mary plays that worked out pretty well for the Giants.