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Ben McAdoo: Giants won't abandon run vs. Jets

Offensive coordinator says Giants "need to get the run game going."

Giants will try to run vs. Jets' defensive line
Giants will try to run vs. Jets' defensive line
William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants are 28th in the league running the ball. The New York Jets are first in the league defending the run. So ... the Giants should just forget the run and let Eli Manning chuck the ball 60 times when the teams meet on Sunday. Right, Ben McAdoo?

Well, not so fast. The Giants' offensive coordinator says that's the wrong idea.

"We really don't want to go down that road. They're good against the run. We have to get our run game going, we know that," McAdoo said. "we anticipate going into the game and being able to run the ball this week. It's important to us. We need to play with some balance, we don't want to be a throwing team. It's good for our pass game and playing with balance is the way we want to go."

The Giants had just 33 rushing yards on a paltry 13 attempts last week vs. Washington. They have had only two 100-yard rushing games this season.

"We need to get the run game going," McAdoo said.

We have, of course, offered our own idea for how the Giants might accomplish that.

Here are some other takeaways from McAdoo's Thursday meeting with reporters.

On if they are targeting Odell Beckham Jr. too often ...

"No, he [Eli Manning] didn't force the ball to him. No, absolutely not. That's just the way it went last week. Every week is a new week. The last few weeks, he's been targeted a bunch and we'll see how this game goes."

On rookie offensive lineman Bobby Hart ...

"Bobby's a young guy, played with some energy when he jumped into the game, had fresh legs and we like his future. If he can dial in and prepare each and every week and focus on what he's supposed to focus on and get better each week, he has some potential. We like his potential."

On the intercepted pass vs. Washington intended for Rueben Randle ...

"Could've been crisper. He could've leaned back into him one more time and been a little more friendly to the quarterback, but that was a combination. It was a combination of the throw, it was combination of the route, it could've been crisper, and the young man made a nice play."