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Report: New York Giants GM Jerry Reese "safe," Tom Coughlin maybe not

The ax won't fall on the GM if the Giants miss the playoffs again.

Jerry Reese
Jerry Reese
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants co-owner Steve Tisch had intimated the jobs of coach Tom Coughlin and GM Jerry Reese could be on the line if things go south for the Giants over the next five games. The reaction here was that no matter what Reese was almost certain to stay, while Coughlin could take the fall.

A report from the New York Post confirms that thought. The Post quotes "a well-placed source" as saying that Reese is "safe." As for Coughlin, Steve Serby of the Post writes that "No decisions have been reached."

Quite honestly, this shouldn't be news to anyone. Without trying to sound smart or smug, this is what I have been saying since before the season even began. If the Giants make the playoffs Coughlin will have the opportunity to stay -- if he chooses to do so. If the Giants don't make the playoffs the possibility exists that, whether they believe he is to blame or not, the Giants will simply conclude that after four straight years of missing the playoffs they have to try something else.

There is another scenario with Coughlin. Win or lose, his teams have always played hard for him. The Giants were a no-show last Sunday in Washington, and Coughlin has spent this week demanding better effort and preparation from his players. If he doesn't get it, if the Giants don't show urgency down the stretch, would Coughlin will simply tire of the struggle to motivate some young players and walk away?

As for Reese, I mentioned on Thursday that the Giants haven't fired a GM since they hired George Young in 1979, and wrote "My read on the situation is that Reese will get to hire a coach of his own choosing before the Giants make the drastic decision to reform the entire football operation."

Serby wrote this:

"Since George Young arrived in 1979, the Giants have had only three GMs. And won't be looking anytime soon for a fourth."

BBV regulars know that I have long felt Reese's miscues are part of the reason the Giants have underwhelmed in recent years. The last couple of draft have, however, been more productive. Like it or not, it seems like the organization is going to give Reese the opportunity to fix the mess he has helped to create. And that might include hiring a new head coach.