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Coaching rumors: Brian Kelly would want total control to move to NFL

That is not something the Giants have ever allowed a head coach to have.

Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly has often been mentioned as a candidate should the New York Giants move on from Tom Coughlin following Sunday's season finale. If you are a Kelly booster, though, you might want to cross him off your list of potential candidates for the Giants' job -- should it be open.

Kelly reportedly told the Chicago Tribune that he would want total control of an organization to move to the NFL.

"How would you give up control of all the things you have at Notre Dame to do that, unless they gave you full autonomy and control of an organization?" Kelly said, via the Chicago Tribune. "I don't think that's happening any time soon for Brian Kelly. I'm the owner, the GM, I'm the football coach. Very rarely do you have those scenarios in the NFL. ... If you're going to make that move to the NFL, you have to understand what you're getting into."

The Giants have always believed in the separation of responsibilities between coach and general manager, and no matter what moves they make following Sunday's game against the Philadelphia Eagles that seems unlikely to change. They Giants didn't give that control to Coughlin. They didn't give it to Bill Parcells. They didn't give it to Dan Reeves, who had won three AFC Championships with the Denver Broncos before the Giants hired him. It seems unfathomable that they would consider giving it to a college coach, especially one who has never been an NFL head coach.