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Ben McAdoo: New York Giants' OC says it's "Selfish" to think about his future now

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McAdoo on short list of potential Coughlin replacements?

Ben McAdoo
Ben McAdoo
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

When the New York Giants named Ben McAdoo offensive coordinator before the 2014 season he was considered an up-and-coming young coach on the fast track who could be the successor when Tom Coughlin's time with the Giants was done. That time could be at hand following Sunday's season finale against the Philadelphia Eagles. If Coughlin retires or is replaces after the season both McAdoo and defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo could be on the short list to be the Giants' next head coach.

McAdoo told reporters on Wednesday that he isn't focused on his future.

"That's a long way away. This year, again, we're focused on Philadelphia. I'm not thinking about my future. That would be selfish," McAdoo said. "There are a lot of people in the building that are all working together and trying to get a win this week and for me to think about myself and the future, as far as that goes, I think would be selfish and short-sided."

Is the 38-year-old McAdoo ready to be a head coach? Is he ready to handle the glare of the New York media market? Do the Giants believe in his system and his work with Eli Manning, but think he needs more time to develop into a potential head coach? Are they willing to risk losing him if they replace Coughlin and bring in a coach who will want to hire his own staff?

All of these questions are part of what makes the decision about Coughlin difficult. Could they give Coughlin one more year, or even give the head-coaching job to Spagnuolo while giving McAdoo more time to learn his craft?

It's complicated. It's fascinating. The answers are unclear. The first domino, of course, will be whatever happens with Coughlin. If the veteran coach is out, could the future be now for McAdoo?