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NFL picks and predictions against the spread, Week 13

What does Jesse's crystal ball tell us this week?

Brock Osweiler
Brock Osweiler
Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Green Bay (-3) at Detroit Lions

I don't see the Lions beating the Pack attack twice in a season

Pick: Packers

San Francisco 49ers (+7) at Chicago Bears

I have been with the Bears in many my picks this year because I think they are underrated and Cutler is playing bad, this one though is dicey. The Bears haven't been big favorites very often and the 49ers are playing a little better with Blaine Gabbert at the helm (but still playing poorly)

Pick: Bears

Cincinnati Bengals (-9.5) at Cleveland Browns

Austin Davis? Yeah, I'm not playing that one

Pick: Bengals

Jacksonville Jaguars (+2.5) at Tennessee Titans

I like the Titans to win by a field goal here. The one thing the Titans can do okay is defend the pass and I think they'll give the Jaguars a few problems the question is can they score at all? The Titans offense is terrible despite how many first round picks they continue to invest in it recently (, Locker, Warmack, Wright, Lewan, Mariota--that's 5 years in a row now).

Pick: Titans

Carolina (-7) at New Orleans

I think at some point in time the Panthers are bound to slip up and lose to a team that they are better then, All great teams do it. Brees has the kind of ability to carry a team on his back and pull out a game they shouldn't win. The Panthers are clearly the better team, but gut feeling is the Saints keep it very close.

Pick: Saints

Houston Texans (+3) at Buffalo Bills

Even as an upstate New York Bills supporter and sympathize I think the Texans are just playing much better football right now and will probably win this one outright

Pick: Texans

Baltimore Ravens (+4) at Miami Dolphins

Do the Dolphins care in this game or not? That's the question because they are without question the much more talented team? I'll say they play well here.

Pick: Dolphins

Seahawks at Minnesota Vikings (pick 'em)

The Seahawks are picking up momentum and aren't a team you'd want to play in the playoffs, but the Vikings are the better team and counter act what the Seahawks do very well. I think the Vikings might even have the better defense here. The question is how well will this team handle success? Some teams don't do it all that well. We're about to find out.

Pick: Vikings

Arizona Cardinals (-5.5) at St Louis Rams

Cardinals are so much better then the Rams and they will sell out to stop the run and take that away from them and the Rams haven't shown they can counteract that at all yet this year. Though if you are considering the Rams it should be acknowledged that for whatever reason they generally come out firing on all cylinders in divisional match-ups.

Pick: Cardinals

Atlanta Falcons (+2) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Sure what's happening with the Giants is frustrating but what's happening in Atlanta is even more frustrating. They looked like early season juggernauts (but that's probably only because they had a weird scheduling quirk where they got to beat up on the terrible NFC East early in the season) and now are in serious trouble of making the playoffs. The Falcons are 4-0 against the NFC East and 2-5 against the rest of the NFL. Jameis Winston has played really well over the past month, but he has been picking on the NFC East. I think the Buccaners are right to be favored here, but gut feeling says the Falcons bounce back here.

Pick: Falcons win outright

New York Jets (-2) at New York Giants

The Giants have inspired zero confidence in me for this game, a game which I think they actually match up poorly with the Jets in.  The Jets biggest problem is that they don't have a great quarterback, but they have depth at WR which gives the Giants problems, they have a tough running back who keeps churning out yards which gives the Giants problems and on defense they have a very good front seven and the Giants offensive line is ailing. Eli and OBJ have the ability to wreck anyone's game plans, but I think it's a bad match-up for the Giants and while I hope they pull it out it wouldn't totally surprise me if it wasn't super close.

Pick: Jets

Denver Broncos (-4) at San Diego Chargers

The Chargers offensive line is finally getting healthier but they are a bad team and should struggle against the Broncos terrific defense.

Pick: Broncos

Kansas City Chiefs (-3) at Oakland Raiders

I hope Andy Reid wins a Super Bowl out in Kansas City. How great would that be? Anyway I digress, Andy Reid is a very good coach and the Chiefs are firing on all cylinders right now. The Raiders are fading a bit which is to be expected because they are a young team who hasn't quite yet learned out how to close a season strong. I think the Raiders are almost there though, just another year.

Pick: Chiefs

New England Patriots (-9.5) at Philadelphia Eagles

There are too many injuries on the Patriots for me to feel comfortable laying 10 points on the road this week. Groknowski, Lewis, and Edelman are all out of this game.

Pick: Eagles

Indianapolis Colts (+6.5) at Pittsburgh Steelers

I like the points.

Pick: Steelers

Dallas Cowboys (+4) at Washington Redskins

They can't lose EVERY game without Tony Romo, can they? Washington beat the Giants, but they are still not any good.

Pick: Cowboys win outright

Record Against the Spread

Week 1: 9-6-1
Week 2: 7-7
Week 3: 9-7
Week 4: 11-4
Week 5 : 7-7
Week 6: 9-4-1
Week 7: 8-6
Week 8: 6-6-2
Week 9: 7-5
Week 10: 9-5
Week 11 8-5-1
Week 12: 7-7

Overall: 97-69-5