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New York Giants 2016 schedule: Which teams will the Giants play?

Fourteen of the 16 opponents are already known.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

We have no idea who will coach the New York Giants next season, who will be in charge of personnel decisions or who will be on the team. We do know, however, who the Giants' opponents will be next season. Well, in at least 14 of the 16 games they will play.

After the Giants play their six games against NFC East opponents the Washington Redskins, Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys, the rest of their schedule looks as follows:


Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, *NFC South

* The NFC South opponent will depend on where the Giants finish in the NFC East. If the Giants lose Sunday, they finish third and would host either the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or New Orleans Saints. Both of those teams are 6-9 entering the final week of the season. If the Giants defeat the Eagles in their season finale on Sunday, they would finish in second place and host the Atlanta Falcons.


Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers, *NFC West

* Like the home schedule, the NFC West opponent will be determined by the Giants' final standing in the NFC East. If they finish second, they would go on the road to face the Seattle Seahawks. If they finish third, they will go to London to face the St. Louis Rams.