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2016 NFL Draft order: New York Giants currently have 10th pick

As of now, Giants picking in top 10 for second straight year.

All that is left now for New York Giants fans to discuss is how they fix the broken mess that they have become. Do they move on from head coach Tom Coughlin after four straight playoff-less seasons and three straight losing ones? Do they also push GM Jerry Reese out the door? How deep does the roster overhaul have to be? Part of that equation includes the 2016 NFL Draft. The Giants would own the 10th overall pick is the draft were held today.

A loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in next week's season finale will almost certainly keep the Giants inside the top 10 selections for the second straight year. A win and they would seemingly wind up somewhere between 10 and 15. Who will be doing the selecting? That's a question for another day, or, at least, another post.

From our friends at SB Nation's Mocking The Draft, here is the current 2016 NFL Draft order:

1. Tennessee Titans: 3-12 (.492 strength of schedule) 
2. Cleveland Browns: 3-12 (.536 SOS) 
3. San Diego Chargers: 4-11 (.523 SOS) 
4. Dallas Cowboys: 4-11 (.529 SOS) 
5. San Francisco 49ers: 4-11 (.552 SOS) 
6. Jacksonville Jaguars: 5-10 (.471 SOS) 
7. Miami Dolphins: 5-10 (.475 SOS) 
8. Baltimore Ravens: 5-10 (.506 SOS) 
9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 6-9 (.483 SOS) 
10. New York Giants: 6-9 (.492 SOS) 
11. New Orleans Saints: 6-9 (.508 SOS) 
12. Philadelphia Eagles: 6-9 (.513 SOS) 
13. Detroit Lions: 6-9 (.536 SOS) 
14. Chicago Bears: 6-9 (.544 SOS) 
15. Indianapolis Colts: 7-8 (.498 SOS) 
16. Buffalo Bills: 7-8 (.510 SOS) 
17. Oakland Raiders: 7-8 (.511 SOS) 
18. St. Louis Rams: 7-8 (.527 SOS) 
19. Atlanta Falcons: 8-7 (.471 SOS) 
20. Pittsburgh Steelers: 9-6 (.511 SOS)

Projected to make the playoffs:

21. Washington: 8-7 (.471 SOS) 
22. Houston Texans: 8-7 (.498 SOS) 
23. Seattle Seahawks: 9-6 (.506 SOS) 
24. New York Jets: 10-5 (.438 SOS) 
25. Kansas City Chiefs: 10-5 (.494 SOS) 
26. Green Bay Packers: 10-5 (.506 SOS) 
27. Minnesota Vikings: 10-5 (.510 SOS) 
28. Denver Broncos: 10-4 (.506 SOS) 
29. Cincinnati Bengals: 11-3 (.473 SOS) 
30. Arizona Cardinals: 13-2 (.469 SOS) 
31. New England Patriots: 12-3 (.460 SOS) - PICK FORFEITED 
32. Carolina Panthers: 14-1 (.442 SOS) assesses the Giants' draft needs this way:

Top need: Defensive end

Other needs: Running back, safety, offensive tackle

Senior prospects at positional needs: DE: DeForest Buckner (Oregon), Shilique Calhoun (Michigan State), Shawn Oakman (Baylor); RB: Devontae Booker (Utah), Josh Ferguson (Illinois), Aaron Green (TCU); Safety: Deon Bush (Miami), Jeremy Cash (Duke), Kevin Byard (Middle Tennessee State); OT: Vadal Alexander (LSU), Taylor Decker (Ohio State), Spencer Drango (Baylor).

Analysis: We've been able to peek into the world of what life without a healthy Jason Pierre-Paul looks like and it is not pretty. The Giants need another pass rusher as soon as possible. Competition must be created at that position and at the safety position opposite rookie Landon Collins. Finding a dual-threat safety who can handle himself in coverage would be preferable. The running game is in desperate need of an upgrade and Tom Coughlin usually prefers to find a primary runner rather than just leaning on a committee. If the Giants are intent at leaving Ereck Flowers at left tackle, then they need to find a competent right tackle to go with him.

Yours truly will continue to assess the Giants' needs this way: More ... talent ... everywhere.