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Why hasn't Josh Norman been fined yet?

Yes, there is a reason.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

[UPDATE: Norman has now reportedly been fined $26K. See the full story.]

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has been suspended by the league and vilified in the media for the disgraceful incidents that took place during Sunday's game against the Carolina Panthers? No word has yet been heard on fines for anyone from the Panthers, most notably cornerback Josh Norman or the practice player who apparently challenged Beckham with a bat.


It is not because there will be no discipline levied against Norman and the Panthers. It is because the NFL does not announces fines against players, and generally only confirms them on Friday afternoons after all parties (player, team, NFLPA) are notified.

Since this Friday is Christmas that schedule could change. Still, though, the point for Giants fans is this -- don't take the fact that no fine has yet been confirmed as meaning there won't be one.

There will almost certainly be money will be lifted from Norman's wallet. The question is how much? The NFL now has a lengthy list of infractions and fines it uses in doling out punishments. CBS Sports speculated that Norman violated enough of these to potentially warrant more than $50K in fines.

If Norman is hit with fines for fighting ($28,940) and for "unnecessary physical contact with a game official" ($28,940) he would lose more than $57K.

By the way, fines are used to fund programs for former players. So, some of Norman's money might be going to a worthy cause soon.