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POLL: Will the New York Giants make the playoffs?

Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Despite losing four of their last five games, despite the suspension of Odell Beckham Jr., despite the buzzards circling around Tom Coughlin, the New York Giants still have a path to the playoffs. Can they win the NFC East title?

We ask you this every week, and since there is still a possibility that the Giants can win the division with an 8-8 record we will ask again. Vote in the poll and let us know what you think.

Playoff scenarios

Things don't look good for the Giants, one game behind the Washington Redskins with two games to play, Here is how it breaks down:

Washington can clinch the division on Saturday with a victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. The Redskins can also clinch the division if they tie with Philadelphia on Saturday and the Giants lose to the Minnesota Vikings on Saturday night.

If the Eagles defeat the Redskins and the Giants defeat the Vikings then the division would come down to Week 17, withe Giants and Eagles facing off at MetLife Stadium and the Redskins on the road against the Dallas Cowboys.

Basically, one Washington victory eliminates the Giants. The Giants win the division if they win twice and the Redskins lose twice.

What are the odds?

Well, they aren't good.

-- The New York Times playoff simulator has the Giants making the playoffs in 7 percent of its scenarios. The Redskins win the division in 57 percent of scenarios.

-- FiveThirtyEight gives the Giants an 8 percent chance of winning the NFC East. Washington is at 50 percent and the Eagles 42 percent.

-- Team Rankings gives the Giants an 8.5 percent chance of winning the division. Washington is a 47 percent and the Eagles at 44.5 percent.

Thus, the path is clear but the chances of things going the Giants way seem slim. Vote in the poll and let us know what you think.