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WFAN host Mike Francesa calls Odell Beckham "a complete clown"

Francesa blasts Giants' wide receiver after Sunday debacle.

The Odell Beckham situation got the full Mike Francesa treatment Monday on WFAN, with the radio host calling the now-suspended New York Giants wide receiver "a complete clown" for his behavior on Sunday against the Carolina Panthers. Francesa also said Beckham "acts like a three-year-old" when he doesn't get his way.

"He's got a lot to learn because all it is is about him," Francesa said. "It's not about the team and it's not about winning. It's about his performance. I can't believe that he thought he could get away with that, but he does. And on the sideline they were pleading with him. Nobody did anything!

"... if the Giants aren't embarrassed by what this kid put forth yesterday, they should be. That was an absolute disgrace. And if that's the star player you want, he's all yours. Because you know what? That's not a star player to me. That's not a class player, that's not a good player. That's a guy who, for all his abilities, has become a complete clown in every way."

Listen to the full rant above or check out the WFAN post for more from Francesa.