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Giants allege pre-game threats with bat, slurs made toward Odell Beckham

The story gets weirder and weirder.

The Odell Beckham vs. Josh Norman and the Carolina Panthers story has now taken a turn toward the bizarre, with discussions about pre-game homephobic slurs and threats made toward the New York Giants wide receiver with a baseball bat.

Art Stapleton of The Record also reported threats made to Beckham before the game:

A source told The Record that, on the field before the game, Carolina cornerback Josh Norman had a baseball bat during warmups and was swinging it while walking on the sideline. The perception was that he sending a message to Beckham.

I'm told there were comments also made in the direction of Beckham and other players about how the Panthers were coming to "beat the [expletive] out of him."

Here is some video showing the Panthers with the bat before the game.

ELI greets his teammates as they take the field! #CARvsNYG

A video posted by New York Giants (@nygiants) on

Here is Norman with the bat before the game:

I don't know what to think, and I wouldn't advise jumping to any conclusions here. Why are teams allowed to bring baseball bats, or anything that could be used as a weapon, on the field pre-game? Why didn't this come to light Sunday? I have no idea. Whatever the truth is here, one would hope Beckham would be able to direct his anger and energy toward winning a football game, not trying to exact physical revenge. Stay tuned.