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Jason Pierre-Paul talks about his Fourth of July accident

Two Giants defensive ends sit down as Michal Strahan talks with JPP about his July 4th fireworks accident.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

One story had dominated the New York Giants 2015 season, the Fourth of July fireworks accident that maimed Jason Pierre-Paul's hand.

Since returning to the Giants early in November, JPP has been upfront about his injury. He has posted pictures of his injuries on Instagram, talked about his continuing rehab, and answered questions in locker room interviews. What he hadn't done was sit down for a on- on-one interview about the events of that life changing day, and what happened shortly after.

That changed on Sunday.

If you watched Fox's pregame show, you saw JPP sit down with all-time great Giant Michael Strahan to discuss what happened.

Much has been made of Pierre-Paul's accident in the first place and the Giants' representatives not getting to see Pierre-Paul in the hospital.

JPP, however, explained that it was a freak accident. That day he was hosting his annual cookout for the kids in the neighborhood, and had been tossing firecrackers all night. The fateful one, however, was different from the others.

"It just went off in my hand," Pierre-Paul said, "I didn't have time [to throw it]. I was throwing them all night. And then I light the last one up and it blew off my hand."

At the time, Twitter was ablaze with reports that Pierre-Paul wasn't letting the Giants representatives see him. JPP, however, explained that it was circumstances that kept he and the Giants apart.

"That's not accurate," Pierre-Paul said. "They flew down to see me. I was at one hospital but then I got transferred over. They didn't know I got transferred over. And I was under anesthesia. The whole time I didn't even know they was there. Until I finally woke up and Jason Pierre-Paul this, Jason Pierre-Paul this. There was a whole bunch of he said, she said going on."

Through it all, JPP has remained positive. Part of that could probably be attributed to growing up with a blind father; JPP has seen somebody live with, and overcome, a disability every day of his life.

"Man, life is a blessing," Pierre-Paul said "I feel like after my incident it really made me realize football is not here forever. I'm all the more anxious to come out here and let my teammates know, ‘Look, hey, this is the same JPP. Missing fingers aren't going to stop me from playing some ball.' I'm only getting better from here. I'm excited."

That heavy club JPP wears has certainly effected his ability to tackle, but his attitude should give some optimism that when he can play with just a (modified) glove, that will improve.

JPP's attitude, play, and less-chilly than reported relations between the Giants and Pierre-Paul, may just give some hope for the future between the two. However JPP's attitude bodes well for his personal continued recovery and quality of life going forward.