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2015 NFL power rankings, Week 13: New York Giants No. 17 in aggregated rankings

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Analysts around the Internet, our own power rankings agree.

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Let's be honest. It always felt like an overplay when some were ranking the New York Giants as a top 10 team. In the aggregated NFL power rankings for Week 13 the Giants find themselves sliding all the way down to No. 17. That's a drop of five spots from where the Giants were a week ago, before their disastrous loss to the Washington Redskins. It also means our aggregated rankings match the Big Blue View power rankings.

We compile these, by the way, by taking 10 respected rankings from around the Internet, totaling the score and dividing by 10. This week's 10 rankings total 169 points. Round that off, and we have the Giants at No. 17.

Of course, the ranking is meaningless. Where the Giants are in the standings and whether or not they can finally get out of their own way and make a playoff push is what means something. Still, it shows how quickly the Giants have fallen.

SB Nation -- No. 18 (LW: 15)

Pro Football Talk -- No. 18 (LW: 11)

How bad would they have played in Washington if they hadn't had two weeks to get ready?

USA Today -- No. 13 (LW: 10)

Yahoo Sports -- No. 17 (LW: 14) -- No. 16 (LW: 9)

Ahh, the drama (dramedy) of the NFC East. The Giants wasted an opportunity easier to pick up than a Tiki Barber fumble on Sunday. With the Eagles and Cowboys getting squashed on Turkey Day and the Redskins destined to be a side dish in the division if Big Blue swept them, the outcome was swept away in Eli Manning interceptions and Giant mistakes. But hey, they're still in a first-place tie.

Washington Post -- No. 18 (LW: 11)

It is a season of could-have-beens and should-have-beens for the Giants. They squandered leads to lose their first two games. They lost a game against the Patriots they should have won. And there was no excuse for the Giants playing the way they played for three quarters Sunday against the Redskins. Their late rally wasn't enough, and now the Giants find themselves in catch-up mode (thanks to the Redskins' tie-breaker edge) in a division race they could have all but wrapped up Sunday.

ESPN -- No. 18 (LW: 15)

FOX Sports -- No. 16 (LW: 10)

Newsday -- No. 16 (LW: 12)

The Giants had a terrific opportunity to take firm control in the NFC East. But they're a no-show in Washington and can't rally enough at the end. The schedule down the stretch isn't easy, starting with Sunday's game against the Jets. Will this come down to the last game of the season at home against Philly?

Monday Morning Quarterback -- No. 19