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Odell Beckham Jr. runs away with WR Pro Bowl fan vote

The Giants' wide receiver is on his way to his second Pro Bowl.

Chris Trotman/Getty Images

According to the NFL fans, the New York Giants at least have one Pro Bowler on their roster.

The NFL released the full results for the fan vote portion of the 2015 Pro Bowl, and -- perhaps unsurprisingly --  Odell Beckham Jr. finished atop the ballot for wide receivers, and his 502,241 votes ranked seventh among all players

Coming in second place among the fans is Pittsburgh Steelers' Antonio Brown, but Beckham outpaced him by 17,074 votes.

Elsewhere on the ballots, the Giants were represented, but didn't come out on top. Cornerback Domoinique Rogers-Cromartie finished 10th at his position with 118,290 votes, Dwayne Harris finished third among return specialists with 84,160 votes, and Josh Brown (yes, kickers are people, too!) finished seventh with 67,715 votes.

Of note, considering the Giants' game against the Carolina Panthers this weekend, are how many Panthers are in the top two at their positions.

Cam Newton (QB No. 2 - 701,086)

Mike Tolbert (FB No. 1 - 347,512)

Greg Olsen (TE No. 2 - 408,290)

Michael Oher (OT No. 2 - 159,702)

Trai Turner (OG No. 1 - 177,471)

Ryan Kalil (OC No. 1 - 230,833)

Kawann Short (DT No. 2 - 258,068)

Thomas Davis (OLB No. 1 - 241, 719)

Luke Kuechly (ILB No. 1 - 282, 162)

Josh Norman (CB No. 1 - 320,597)

Kurt Coleman (FS No. 1 - 195, 397)

Joe Webb (ST No. 1 - 126,068)

Of course this part of the Pro Bowl process is the "Popularity Contest"-iest part of the whole thing. Beckham's electric play and continual rewriting of the record books obviously puts his name on the tip of fans' tongue. The Panthers' undefeated record -- as well as the talent on the roster -- certainly has helped fans round the country to know more of their players than they may otherwise would.

Next up comes the polls of the players and the coaches.