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What would an Eli Manning touchdown dance look like?

Do we even want to know?

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has his touchdown dance moves. New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. certainly has a variety of his own touchdown dance moves. What, though, would an Eli Manning touchdown dance look like?

Manning has scored five rushing touchdowns in his 12-year career. Yes, the number is that high. Probably the most we've ever seen from him is a fist pump and a spike.

Manning said Wednesday he will bust out his end zone dance "when it's ready."

"I haven't polished it up just yet. It's got more work to do, it's been in progress for 12 years, but still a little rusty. I haven't fine-tuned it quite yet," Manning dead-panned. "A lot of time in the offseason and Tuesday's doing it, but it doesn't feel right yet."

Eli's gotta have something. Even his big bro appears to have some moves.

Shoot, we know Easy E has a few moves.

Maybe, though, they are better left for his commercials.