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NFL power rankings 2015, Week 15: NY Giants No. 16 in aggregated rankings

Right in the middle of the pack.

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Dwayne Harris with the ball against Miami
Dwayne Harris with the ball against Miami
Robert Duyos-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants' victory over the Miami Dolphins on Monday kept them in the thick of the NFC East title race. It also helped them move up a few spots in our weekly look at NFL power rankings from around the Inter-Google. This week, the 10 sites we have aggregated total 158 points, placing the Giants at No. 16 overall.

A week ago, the Giants were No. 19. In Chris's Big Blue View NFL power rankings, the Giants are No. 17. The rankings, of course, are not nearly as important as where the Giants stand in the NFL playoff picture. Let's look, however, at this week's collection of rankings.

SB Nation -- No. 18 (LW: 22) -- No. 13 (LW: 17)

"Eli Manning ... that boy good. Stood in the makeup room with my colleague Erin Coscarelli (and my morning Muscle Milk breath) debating what to write about the Giants. That Eli line is the best I got. However, if pressed, I would be remiss if I didn't give Nikita Whitlock some love. Playing both ways? Come on. The fullback/linebacker's block on third-and-2 to spring Rashad Jennings for a first down on the final drive might not have loomed as large as Odell Beckham Jr.'s catch, but it was one of of the five or six plays that don't jump off the box score -- just simply win football games."

Pro Football Talk-- No. 15 (LW: 20)

USA Today -- No. 14 (LW: 15)

"The defense remains suspect, but Eli Manning's inspired play may yet carry this team to its first playoff appearance since 2011."

Yahoo Sports -- No. 16 (LW: 18)

ESPN -- No. 17 (LW: 20)

FOX Sports -- No. 14 (LW: 18)

CBS Sports -- No. 15 (LW: 18)

Sporting News -- No. 20 (LW: 18)

Monday Morning Quarterback -- No. 16 (LW: 17)