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Giants-Panthers odds: Do Giants have a chance against unbeaten Carolina?

Oddsmakers make Panthers a healthy favorite.

The season has thus far been a big party for the Panthers
The season has thus far been a big party for the Panthers
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Let's take a break from discussing the New York Giants' season-saving 31-24 victory over the Miami Dolphins on Monday to spin forward. do the 6-6 Giants have a chance to defeat the unbeaten (13-0) Carolina Panthers on Sunday at MetLife Stadium? Oddsmakers don't believe the Giants' will pull the upset, making them a 5.5-point underdog in the opening line.

Do the Giants actually have any advantages heading into a game against an unbeaten team generally considered to be the NFC's best? Well, maybe. They have the energy generated from Monday's much-needed victory. They have the desperation of needing the game much more than the Panthers do. Carolina has already clinched the NFC South. They do have home-field advantage throughout the playoffs and an unbeaten season at stake. Could they either drop their guard just a little, or feel some pressure with the unbeaten season being on the line? The Giants also have the home field, with the game being at MetLife Stadium.

The Giants may also have a little bit of history on their side. Remember when the 13-0 Denver Broncos visited the Giants back in 1998? This happened:

Could it happen again? These are the Giants, and what should happen is what never actually seems to happen. So, you never know.