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Giants 31, Dolphins 24: Post-game quotebook

The New York Giants react to heir Monday night win against the Miami Dolphins.

Chris Trotman/Getty Images

The New York Giants aren't dead yet!  Their win on Monday night against the Miami Dolphins ensures their playoff hopes are alive for at least one more week. Find out how the team reacted to the win.

Odell Beckham Jr: Tonight was a "must win"

Another week, another sensational game from Beckham to keep the Giants thick in the NFC East divisional race. He went for 7 catches for 166 yards and two touchdowns. He is one of the great threats in the game right now and he's on a streak that can't be stopped. While his play is nothing short of torrid, Beckham is still giving the credit to the team around him.

"We all just stepped up tonight. We did a great job," Beckham said. "Our offensive line, blocking. Rashad, running. Eli getting us in the right formations, the right play calls. Receivers are making plays and defense getting stops. I think we did a good job of connecting on all cylinders tonight."

For Beckham, Monday night against the Dolphins marked the beginning of playoff type of games as the Giants cannot afford to give up any more wins.

"Just knowing it's a must win, it's a playoff game for us," Beckham said. "The rest of them are playoff games for us. You know, we've been on a losing streak of three games now and we needed to snap it."

Eli Manning: "We knew we needed a win"

As sensational as Beckham was, Eli Manning deserves his fair share of credit too. His almost flawless night carried the offense to 31 points. As to be expected, Manning was nothing but smiles after the victory.

"We knew we needed a win," Manning said. "That was the mentality. All week, we just wanted to get that feeling back - that winning feeling back. We played so many close games, every one, and we had found a way to win."

The Giants must be sick of hearing of how many leads they've blown late in games and how many losses they've had when victory was so close. Manning was especial happy of the Giants play late in this game.

"Today, another close one, like always," Manning said. "But we made the plays in the fourth quarter. Hit the 80 yarder to Odell and then coming there in the last play of the game, the 3rd and 5, we had to make a play. We made the play, we converted on the third down."

It goes without saying that opposing defense attempt to disrupt Odell Beckham Jr. yet in recent weeks they haven't been successful. Manning goes on to credit the entire offense as reason why Beckham is able to run loose.

"Some other guys made some plays early on," Manning said. We've got Reuben Randle in the mix, we've got Tye, we've got a couple guys going. And then, you know, finally kind of saw what they were playing. Adjusted some of the game plan, and got the routes to give [Beckham] the opportunity."