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NFC playoff picture: New York Giants' fan's Week 14 rooting guide

Redskins, Eagles, Cowboys in action Sunday afternoon.

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Your New York Giants don't play until Monday night, when they face the Miami Dolphins. There are a trio of important NFC East games this afternoon that will shape the NFC playoff picture. Let's look at those games and their potential impact on the division title race.

Washington Redskins (5-7) at Chicago Bears (5-7)

Game time: 1 p.m.

The Giants caught a huge break on Monday when the Dallas Cowboys rallied to defeat the Redskins, throwing the division into a three-way tie. This game is huge for the Giants in a number of ways.

A loss by Washington, of course, gives the Giants a chance to move ahead of them in the standings. A loss by the Redskins would also help the Giants if the division champ is eventually decided by the conference tie-breaker, which is admittedly down the list of possibilities. The Redskins are 5-4 vs. NFC opponents, while the Giants are 4-5 with imposing games looming against the unbeaten Carolina Panthers and 8-5 Minnesota Vikings.

The Redskins are 0-5 on the road this season, but the Bears are only 1-5 at Soldier Field, so Chicago's home-field advantage might not be as obvious as it should be. Washington has also beaten Chicago five straight times. The Bears are 3.5-point favorites.

Buffalo Bills (6-6) at Philadelphia Eagles (5-7)

Game time: 1 p.m.

When you are hoping your team can get to the playoffs and you need some help to do it, that means you have to make some uncomfortable choices. Last Monday, that meant rooting for the Dallas Cowboys. Sunday, it means rooting for Rex Ryan and LeSean McCoy to help the Bills win a game that would be a huge help to the Giants.

A Buffalo victory here helps the Giants not only in the current standings, but in the common opponent tie-breaker. The Giants, you recall, defeated the Bills earlier this season.

The game has a lot of meaning for Buffalo beyond Shady's attempt at revenge against Chip Kelly. The 6-6 Bills are chasing the 7-5 New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs for an AFc wild-card berth. The Bills are 1-point favorites.

Dallas Cowboys (4-8) at Green Bay Packers (8-4)

Game time: 4:25 p.m.

OK, the Cowboys did the Giants a solid last week. Now, they just need to crawl back in their hole and wait until next year. Dallas would seem unlikely to be able to go into Lambeau Field and defeat the Packers. Giants' fans should be hoping they don't. Instead, they should be rooting for the Packers to knock the Cowboys down before they get any ideas about making a real run for the division crown.

The Packers are 7-point favorites.