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New York Giants news, 12/12: Josh Brown -- "weird" without Zak DeOssie

New York Giants headlines for Saturday, Dec. 12.

Danny Aiken
Danny Aiken
Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, New York Giants fans! The release of Damontre Moore remains the big story around the Giants. Let's however, make this a non-DaMonster edition of your morning report.

Josh Brown adjusting to new long-snapper

Long-time Giants' long-snapper Zak DeOssie was placed on injured reserve this week, and placekicker Josh Brown admitted in the aftermath that he was originally "weirded out" not seeing DeOssie around the Giants' practice facility. He also said it is "weird" both of the players who had been part of the kicking operation his first two years with the Giants, DeOssie and former punter Steve Weatherford, are no longer Giants.

The new snapper is Danny Aiken,who spent four years with the New England Patriots. Aiken, obviously, snapped in many critical situations during his time in New England. Brown said having a new snapper "doesn't necessarily affect me a tremendous amount."

Holder Brad Wing is also not concerned about working with Aiken.

"No alarms or anything," Wing said. "I think that Danny is a good snapper. He's got good experience and he's played in big games. There's no issues with that. You don't have to worry about him getting in a game and getting nervous or anything because he's played in Super Bowls; that's something I haven't done or a lot of guys haven't done. It's good we have a guy with some good experience under his belt."

More Giants headlines

Speaking of Weatherford, the Wall Street Journal takes a look at how he has turned his effort to return to the NFL into a family affair. Of course he has.

Giants' fans are frustrated with Rueben Randle. Ex-Giant and current broadcaster Carl Banks is, too, but Banks admitted he reigned himself in before saying too much about Randle during last Sunday's game.

We know the Giants have made fourth-quarter meltdowns an art form this season. Head coach Tom Coughlin is playing some mind games with his team to try and change that.

Cornerback Prince Amukamara is trying to have a short memory after being toasted for the game-winning touchdown by Brandon Marshall of the New York Jets last Sunday.

Is the catch rule better than you think? Cyd Ziegler of SB Nation's Outsports, a collegiate football referee, thinks so.