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New York Giants Ben McAdoo addresses questions about Rueben Randle, struggling offense

McAdoo grilled about Randle, OL, running back committee, more.

Rueben Randle
Rueben Randle
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With an interlude provided by Damontre Moore getting released after an altercation with Cullen Jenkins, it seems we have spent much of the week talking about the New York Giants' offense. What's going on with Rueben Randle? Can the offense carry the Giants to the playoffs? Will the four-man running back commiittee ever change? What's up in the red zone? Who will play on the offensive line?

So, Friday when offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo met with reporters for his weekly press conference there were some fairly pointed questions. Let's get to some of what McAdoo spoke about.

Rueben Randle

Did Randle stop running on the fateful fourth-and-2 play a week ago? McAdoo simply said "Yes." Was there a lack of effort on the wide receiver's part? "I don't think it was effort, I think he misinterpreted the coverage," he said.

"No one has lost confidence in Rueben by any stretch of the imagination. He had a good day yesterday, he had a good day today, and we count on him being productive in the game on Sunday, or Monday night, excuse me. We need him to come through and cash in on the opportunities that he gets," McAdoo said. "Balls come in bunches and when you cash in on the opportunities that are presented to you, you have an opportunity to get another and get another and get another. We're just going to keep on working, keep on plugging away, and if he gets an opportunity to make a play Monday night, cash in on it and then the next one will come."

The fourth-and-2 play

What was McAdoo's assessment of the play, a pass intended for Randle that ended up being intercepted?

"Fourth and two, we had an opportunity to complete the bow, big play in the game obviously. Eli took his footwork, he was rushed on the throw, got hit, we didn't get the ideal coverage we were looking for and we felt that with the route and the way it played out, we had to throw a little bit early and if Rueben would've kept coming, he would've had a chance to either break it up, draw a PI, or make the play," McAdoo said. "We'd like for the quarterback to hold it, put it in the second window, didn't happen that way and an unfortunate break in the game."

The offensive line

As of Friday, McAdoo was uncertain what the line would like Monday. Ereck Flowers (ankle) and Marshall Newhouse (back) remain question marks.

"We have a lot of guys working in there. There are moving pieces involved. The guys have done a nice job this week and they've answered the call there. Is it easy? No. No one said it was going to be easy. Can it work? Absolutely, it can work," McAdoo said. "Guys just have to get ready to play multiple spots and when the opportunity happens where you have to play or move around, they have to be able to execute and cash in on it and have the confidence to do so."

On the running back committee

For weeks now, the four-man unning back committee has been questioned, especially with the Giants continuing to struggling running the ball. McAdoo doesn't sound inclined to change it.

"We feel the room has some talent and they each have a unique skillset. If one of them separates themselves by the way they play in the game, they'll continue to get the ball. None of them have done anything not to get the ball to take carries away from," he said. "The more guys who can be involved and the more guys who—it goes back to the same thing as Rueben, the question about Rueben and the question about Rashad, all these questions until we execute the way we're capable of, no one is going to get the touches they want. The last two games, we haven't executed as well as we can execute, so there aren't enough balls to go around. Until we do, that's going to be the case. So we need to prepare well, execute well, that's when the touches come."