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Big Blue Film Room: 2016 prospect first look -- Emmanuel Ogbah, DE, Oklahoma State

With the college football season over, let's start taking a look at some future NFL players

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

In our last College Football Viewing Guide of the season, I asked what Big Blue View would like to see next. I got several great responses, but ultimately I settled on a "first look" series on potential first round targets for the New York Giants.

These won't be full scouting reports, instead they'll be quick looks at different prospects that the Giants could be looking at for their first round draft pick.

Because he was Matt Miller's first-round pick for the Giants in his recent three round mock draft, I elected to kick the series off with Emmanuel Ogbah, defensive end, Oklahoma State.

Pass Rush

With the release of Damontre Moore, the Giants find themselves with only Owamagbe Odighizuwa under contract for 2016, coming off a year in which they have largely been completely unable to generate a pass rush. It would make sense to look at a player's pass rush ability first and foremost.

Rushing the passer is something Ogbah has consistently done in his time at Oklahoma State, with 29.5 tackles for a loss and 22.5 sacks in the last two seasons. He is primarily a power rusher, using his long arms and 275-pound frame to bully blockers. When he pins his ears back as a pass rusher, Ogbah shows a good first step to go along with his power.

Ogbah's weakness is that while he is a good athlete, if his initial bull rush fails, he can get "stuck" on blockers. He also struggles some when asked to move laterally.

Run Defense

In the games I watched, Ogbah didn't make many plays in the running game. Instead he was used more to hold the edge and keep the second level players clean to make plays. He generally shows the discipline to not over-run the play and keeps track of the ball.

He does, however, make the play when it comes to him.

Final Thoughts

Right now it seems like a given that the Giants will have to pour resources into their front seven this offseason. It is a distinct possibility that Jon Beason has played his last down of NFL football, the Giants might be moving on from both Cullen Jenkins and Markus Kuhn, and Owa Odighizuwa is their only defensive end under contract for next year.

Of course, as happens every year, it is impossible to know even a day or two ahead of time what a team's needs are going to be. However the Giants' defense is going to get better without a big investment. Could Emmanuel Ogbah be part of that investment? We'll just have to wait and find out.