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Tom Coughlin, Giants jumping for joy after Washington loss

Coach sounds ready for four-game sprint to the finish.

Miami Dolphins coach Dan Campbell said on Wednesday that the New York Giants' three-game losing streak and speculation about Tom Coughlin's future "makes me a little uneasy to be honest with you because I know what Coach Coughlin does when the heat gets turned up. He rises to the challenge."

Maybe Campbell has best not watch Coughlin's Thursday press conference. The 69-year-old Giants coach was fired up. Asked for his reaction to Dallas defeating Washington Monday to keep the Giants in a first-place tie, Coughlin stepped back and fired off a few jumping jacks. They come at at the 2:50 mark of the video.

Classic Coughlin. Maybe there's no magic left, maybe he can't find a way to once again rescue the Giants from the rubble. He looked and sounded on Thursday, though, like a man fired up and ready for the grind.

"It's exciting," Coughlin said. "We have to take care of our own business but to be in a circumstance where we're in the hunt is a good and exciting thing. I think the players realize that."

On the team's struggles to finish games

"Rearview mirror," Coughlin said. "What's in the past is in the past, and we really do have to go forward.

"Four games to go. We are tied for the division lead. We will win as soon as we deserve to win. The deserving to win part comes from being able to finish on a stronger basis than we have.

"You can find a million reasons why one play has cost us games. If that's the case then each one of us, coaches, players, examine your own conscience, come up with those things that are necessary for us to make improvement and let's get it done now."

On Zak DeOssie, Larry Donnell going to IR 

Coughlin said DeOssie had "a ligament in the wrist that had been bothering him" and doctors "thought that it should be fixed at this time."

Coughlin said he didn't believe Donnell, who has a neck injury, does not appear to need surgery. Coughlin said they placed the tight end on IR because there is "no time table" for him to be healthy. Coughlin said doctors are "very optimistic" about Donnell's recovery.

On the struggles to run the ball

Coughlin has been asked many questions about the four-man running back committee. He continues to insist the running back rotation is not the problem.

"The running game has not been what we would like it to be," Coughlin said. "I can be patient if we're making some yards

On Rueben Randle

Remember that earlier in the week Randle expressed some frustration about the fact that he has received fewer targets this season than a year ago. Coughlin had a simple response:

"I would take full advantage of the ones that I do have before I would talk about opportunities," Coughlin said. "From Day 1 there's been opportunities here for everybody to fit in and be a part of. We do need to have better balance, there's no doubt about that. Hopefully we can accomplish that going forward."