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Jay Bromley on reaction to penalty, being 5-6, and more

Giants' second-year DT offers up some honesty.

Jay Bromley ended up with a roughing the passer penalty on this play Sunday
Jay Bromley ended up with a roughing the passer penalty on this play Sunday
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Jay Bromley had to know what was coming after he got a roughing the passer penalty Sunday against the Washington Redskins. During an interview this week on CBS Radio the New York Giants' second-year defensive tackle described the greeting he received on the sideline.

"Coaches ain't got too many less than four letter words for you after that," Bromley admitted. "We try to move forward, learn from the mistakes, and I'll try not to do it again."

As for Tom Coughlin specifically?

"Oh man, once I heard him on the sidelines I was like okay. I don't want to put TC out there if he's viewed as a great Christian man I don't want to take anything away from him," Bromley said.

It's a pretty entertaining interview from a young player we don't hear from very often.

More from Bromley on Coughlin ...

"I think I went on record of calling him a grandpa before. He's kind of cool when he wants to be. He'll act like he knows what's going on nowadays, but he needs you to get things done when he needs it. He's very front and center. He's as good as anyone. My clock is set five minutes in advance. You don't realize how important five minutes is when you don't have that five minutes anymore."

On the Giants being 5-6 when they could be better ...

"You got to make the plays when they are given to you. That showed in the New England game and this game. No disrespect to any of my teammates, but just like me I got to make the plays that are given to me. If LC doesn't drop that pick, we're looking at a whole different ... Patriots don't lose this week they lose a couple weeks ago. If last game DRC doesn't drop the pick six maybe that game doesn't go the way, momentum swings.

"It's really taking everything that is given to you. Finishing games has been our Achilles heel all season. We play for three quarters and somehow in the fourth quarter two minute drives coming up short. Really playing to finish games. At a certain point, you say we should be this we should be that we should be 8-2, at a certain point you are what your record says you are. You are that because of the things you don't do well."

Bromley's unique perspective on Giants vs. New York Jets ...

"I'm from New York so I've been a Giants fan. First game I ever went to was a Jets game. I don't view it as crazy as some people do, but I do see it as bragging rights, for the stadium at least. They both represent New York. If one of us went to the Super Bowl, I'm going for that team."

There's much more from Bromley, and I'm not going to give away the whole interview. If you want to check it out, the Bromley interview starts around the 41-minute mark.