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Giants vs. Jets poll: Is this a big rivalry game or not?

It is a big game because the Giants need a victory. Is Sunday, however, a rivalry game?

Rashad Jennings running vs. the Jets during preseason
Rashad Jennings running vs. the Jets during preseason
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants host the New York Jets this weekend. The two teams share MetLife Stadium, and they compete for attention and affection in the same market. Our friends at SB Nation's Jets blog, Gang Green Nation, are polling their readers on the question of whether or not they consider this to be a big rivalry game.

If you don't care to go look up the poll results, the answer thus far from Jets fans has been "no." So, let's ask you guys the same question. Do you consider the Jets to be a big rival for the Giants? Vote in the poll below and let us know.

Personally, I'm with Jets coach Todd Bowles on this one.

Sunday's game is a huge one for the Giants. The reason, though, has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the opponent will be the Jets. Well, technically, that isn't true. The Redskins lost to the Jets earlier this season, so a victory Sunday by the Giants would help them in the standings and in the "common opponent" tie-breaker that could determine a playoff berth.

What is completely true, though, is that the importance of the game has nothing to do with the New York vs. New York thing, or the sharing a stadium thing, or the "my neighbor is a Jets fan" thing, or whatever. At least not in my mind. The fact that this is Giants vs. Jets will cause a media frenzy.

The game only has meaning, though, because it has playoff implications for both teams. Anyway, vote in the poll and let us know how you see this one.