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NFL power rankings, Week 13: Giants tumble in Big Blue View rankings

The Giants fall down the power rankings, but can anything stop them from dropping off the bottom?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Tuesday New York Giants fans! And since it's Tuesday, that must mean that it's Power Rankings day here on Big Blue View.

As always, these rankings are our own. They're based on team record, playoff standing, and a general sense of where the team is and where they are going. In addition to the team's record, we will be including their chances of making the playoffs, according to

The Rankings

1) Carolina Panthers (11-0, 100%)

2) Arizona Cardinals (9-2, 99.5%)

3) New England Patriots (10-1, 100%)

4) Denver Broncos (9-2, 99.5%)

5) Cincinnati Bengals (9-2, 99.9%)

6) Minnesota Vikings (8-3, 92.5%)

7) Green Bay Packers (7-4, 90.6%)

8) Pittsburgh Steelers (6-5, 34.9%)

9) Kansas City Chiefs (6-5, 87.3%)

10) New York Jets (6-5, 31.9%)

11) Houston Texans (6-5, 37.9%)

12) Seattle Seahawks (6-5, 65.5%)

13) Indianapolis Colts (6-5, 73.3%)

14) Atlanta Falcons (6-5, 24.0%)

15) Washington Redskins (5-6, 33.7%)

16) Oakland Raiders (5-6, 4.8%)

17) New York Giants (5-6, 41.6%)

18) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-6, 9.1%)

19) Chicago Bears (5-6, 10.8%)

20) Buffalo Bills(5-6, 25.7%)

21) Detroit Lions (4-7, 2.2%)

22) New Orleans Saints (4-7, 2.2%)

23) Philadelphia Eagles (4-7, 20.8%)

24) Dallas Cowboys (3-8, 5.1%)

25) Jacsonville Jaguars (4-7, 1.8%)

26) St. Louis Rams (4-7, 2.5%)

27) Miami Dolphins (4-7, 0.8%)

28) San Diego Chargers (3-8, 0.1%)

29) Baltimore Ravens (4-7, 2.2%)

30) San Francisco 49ers (3-8, 0.0%)

31) Tennessee Titans (2-9, 0.0%)

32) Cleveland Browns (2-9 0.0%)

Final Thoughts

So the Giants have fallen eight spots in one week. Well, that's the kind of thing that happens when you decide to sleep-walk through your best opportunity to take control of your destiny.

Also, as I said yesterday, the injuries to the interior of the offensive line have me concerned about the team's future. The play of Bobby Hart in relief of Schwartz was encouraging, and if Justin Pugh and Weston Richburg could miraculously return to health this week, they could probably piece together a functional unit. But that probably isn't going to happen.

So looking forward, Ben McAdoo, Eli Manning, and company are going to have the game of their lives to survive (beat?) the New York Jets' front 7.

While there seems to be some optimism around the locker room for Pugh's return, until he clears the concussion protocol I will remain concerned for his season. There really are only three reasons why the Giants didn't fall further.

First: The Giants still have the best quarterback in the division, top three in the conference, and top five in the NFL, to go along with (arguably) the best receiver in the NFL. Everything else aside, that's more than a lot of teams can say.

Second: the Giants still have some modicum of control over their fate. Not much, not nearly as much as they should have, but some.

Third: There are just a lot of bad teams in the NFL this year. Worse, even, than the beat up Giants.