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Giants at Buccaneers halftime score: 17-9 -- JPP plays while Hankins is injured

Your second half open thread

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants lead the Buccaneers by eight points going into half-time, but they should not feel secure by any means.

The good feelings surrounding the return of Jason Pierre-Paul have largely been countered by a the loss of Johnathan Hankins. Hankins was lost to a torn pectoral muscle suffered as he forced a fumble on a run by Doug Martin. The Giants turned that fumble into their second touchdown. We are still awaiting word on the severity of Hankins' injury. If it is a partial tear -- like Prince Amukamara's he could return this season.

JPP hasn't made his presence felt on the stat sheet -- yet -- but his presence has been felt. More often than not he is being double teamed by the Bucs, and he has been getting pressure on Winston. Despite short fields and the occasional big play, the Giants have kept Tampa out of the endzone, holding them to a trio of field goals in the first half.

After an interception on a rare drop by Odell Beckham Jr., and more common drops by other receivers, Eli Manning has been deadly efficient, completing 17 of  23 passes for 124 yards and 2 touchdowns.

The Buccaneers get the ball to start the second half

Stay tuned for any updates in the second half.