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Cowboys or Eagles? Which team will you be rooting for Sunday?

Who's it gonna be?

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles meet Sunday night in a game that could have huge ramifications for the NFC East, and thus for your New York Giants. The topic of which team a Giants fan should root for in Cowboys-Eagles has been broached in a few comment threads already this week, but let's put it to a vote.

Use the poll below to let us know which team you hope will win on Sunday night.

The Giants lead the division at 4-4. The Eagles and Washington Redskins are 3-4, and the Cowboys 2-5. The Giants are done with the Cowboys, having split games. They have a loss to Philly, a victory over Washington, and the Week 17 Giants-Eagles game could be for all the NFC East marbles.

So, who do you want to win Sunday? And no, our poll is not giving you the option of rooting for a tie.

For me, this is a no-brainer. I don't know why you would hope for any other outcome at this point other than a Philadelphia victory. Here's why.

The Cowboys have lost five straight since Tony Romo went down with a broken clavicle. Every game, any game, that they win before Romo returns (Week 11 at the earliest, I believe) increases the possibility of Dallas making a late-season run to get past the Giants for the division crown.

A healthy Dallas team, in my view, is more dangerous than the Eagles or Redskins. They would be the only team in the division capable of going on, say, a 6-1 run to close the season. In my view, you want them buried before Romo gets a chance to resurrect their season.

The Eagles? Yes, they crushed the Giants a few weeks ago and yes their schedule isn't exactly daunting the rest of the way, but do you really fear them? Do you really think they are a team capable of running away with the division over the second half of the season/ I don't.

All you really want as a Giants fan is for that Week 17 game to be a showdown with a playoff berth on the line.

Vote in the poll.