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POLL: Will New York Giants win NFC East title, make playoffs?

The chances aren't as good as they would have been with a victory over Washington, but the playoffs are still within reach.

The New York Giants would be going home early -- for the fourth straight season if the NFL playoffs began this week. You have now had plenty of chances to vent and plenty of chances to explore the reasons why the Giants lost to the Washington Redskins on Sunday. Now, it's time to vote. Will the Giants win the NFC East and go to the playoffs or won't they?

The last time we asked this question, with the Giants 5-5 and heading into their bye week leading the division, 76 percent, (2,791) of the 3,690 people who voted, believed the Giants would win the NFC East. Before a vote is even tallied, I'm going to guess that the end result will show much less confidence in the Giants now.

Here's something to keep in mind. Despite technically being in second play due to the tie-breaker possibilities, projections still have the Giants figuring out a way to win the division. Five Thirty Eight still gives the Giants a 46 percent chance of winning the NFC East title, while putting Washington's chance at 32 percent. Team Rankings puts the percentages at 40 percent likelihood for the Giants to win the division and 34.6 percent for the Redskins.

Vote in the poll and let us know what you think, Giants fans. Voting will close Wednesday morning.