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NFL Week 12 picks against the spread

Jesse's crystal ball has been accurate all season. Will that continue this week?

A busy holiday weekend and I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving so might not be quite the in depth analysis I try to give on the usual. Hopefully find a spot to throw out a few bad puns and get more picks right than I get wrong.

This week because there explanations will be short or none at all I have just highlighted the team I think will win against the spread.

Philadelphia Eagles (+2.5) at Detroit Lions

The Lions give the ball away too much, way too much (-10 turnover ratio) and the Eagles are good at taking the football way. I hope the Lions win and they are playing better as of late, but I think the Eagles are the better team (full disclaimer I think very little of Jim Caldwell)

Pick: Eagles

Carolina Panthers (+1) at Dallas Cowboys

The Panthers are the better team, the much better team. The Cowboys have the Thanksgiving tradition going, but they don't really match up all that well with the Panthers. The Panthers will likely have a clunker at some point where they disappointingly lose a game they should win, but I don't think it will be on a prime time huge game like Thanksgiving vs the Cowboys.

Chicago Bears (+8.5) at Green Bay Packers

Bears are underrated. I don't know if they can win, but I wouldn't be stunned if they did so I'll take the points.

Pick: Bears

New Orleans Saints (+3) at Houston Texans

Saints are maddening. The Texans seem to be clicking as of late so I'll ride the hot hand.

Pick: Texans

Minnesota Vikings (+1) at Atlanta Falcons

The Vikings are the better team and they are getting points.

Pick: Vikings

St. Louis Rams (+9) at Cincinnati Bengals

[Editor's Note: Jesse somehow skipped this one. We will get this pick as soon as possible.]

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+3) at Indianapolis Colts

I debated back and forth with this one alot. Jameis Winston seems to have slowed the game down and is playing very well. I think Hasselbeck is due to come back to earth at some point.

Pick: Bucs

New York Giants (-2.5) at Washington Redskins

Just looking at the matchups I think the right side here is the Giants. The Redskins are not a good team, but they are gritty and can give more fineesee team problems, but they just don't match up well with the Giants. The Giants really need this game and have owned the Redskins. The Giants should be able to move the ball on the Redskins who haven't really generated enough pass rush this year and who can't stop the run. On the other side of the ball the Redskins give the ball away way too much and the Giants are one of the league's best teams at taking it away.

Now of course the Redskins to have Giant killer DeSean Jackson who is always good for a big play or two against the Giants. Jordan Reed is also the kind of player who absolutely destroys the Giants There are plenty of reasons the Redskins can win this game -- chiefly the Giants just can't get out of their own way and it would be very Giants-like for them to lay a clunker here  I just don't think they will.

Pick: Giants

Oakland Raiders (-2) at Tennessee Titans

The Raiders haven't put it all together yet, but this is an ascending team. I expect a big bounce back week here.

Pick: Raiders

Buffalo Bills (+6.5) at Kansas City Chiefs

I think the Bills and Chiefs are similarly talented and 6 points is too much provided Taylor starts.

Pick: Bills

Miami Dolphins (+3.5) at New York Jets

No idea what Dolphins team will show up, but the Jets seem to be struggling here so I'll take the points

Pick: Dolphins

San Diego Chargers (+4) at Jacksonville Jaguars

Rivers getting 4 points against the lowly Jaguars? Seems like such an obvious pick it scares me a bit.

Pick: Chargers

Arizona Cardinals (-10.5) at San Francisco 49ers

I'm done hoping the 49ers can look competent.

Pick: Cardinals

Pittsburgh Steelers (+4) at Seattle Seahawks

Probably get a few benefit of the doubt ref calls here.

Pick: Steelers

New England Patriots (-3) at Denver Broncos

Interested in this game greatly. If Osweiler can show something here that'd be very good news for the Broncos, but Belichick is a master at forcing young players into the game.

Pick: Patriots

Baltimore Ravens (+2.5) at Cleveland Browns

Let's see if the Ravens will rally around their back-up quarterback for one week at least

Pick: Ravens

Record Against the Spread

Week 1: 9-6-1
Week 2: 7-7
Week 3: 9-7
Week 4: 11-4
Week 5 : 7-7
Week 6: 9-4-1
Week 7: 8-6
Week 8: 6-6-2
Week 9: 7-5
Week 10: 9-5
Week 11: 8-5-1

Overall: 90-62-5